are you a victim of cat naps!!

 does your baby wake up from his/her nap after just 20 minutes or 40 minutes? do you feel that you are a victim to your baby’s cat naps?  you don’t know what to do because they won’t take a proper nap?  if you are answering yes to any or all of these questions than hopefully i can help! many of my past clients have had this similar complaint so i thought i would give all of you a few tips to help you stop the insanity! 

keep in mind that each situation is different and each child is different, but some common things you can do to start getting your little one on track to longer naps are:


  • don’t rush in: leave your baby in their crib once they wake.  if they haven’t been asleep for at least 45 minutes then i wouldn’t consider that a proper nap.  let them be alone in their crib and see what they do.  they may just play, chat, fuss and go back to sleep.  you never know, they might just surprise you!  if you don’t get this glorious surprise then my guess is they might begin to cry, DON’T RUSH IN!
  • let them cry:  this is hard to do, trust me i have been there and done that!  it is never easy to hear your little one cry, but it is the only way for them to learn to figure it out on their own.
  • set your timer:  choose a time you can handle hearing them cry and don’t get in until time is up.  only go in if they are still crying.  if they are fussing leave them be and they may settle to sleep.
  • go to soothe:  when the timer buzzes if they are still crying, not fussing, go to them and soothe until drowsy, lay them down awake and leave.
  • repeat:  process until your baby falls asleep unassisted. 

there are many details to the nap training process, but these are the nitty gritty basics!  you can try this on your own and see if you can stop being a victim to cat naps!  stick to it and remain consistent.  it will take some time for your little one to adjust and learn how to nap properly.  don’t give in after one day!  if you find it isn’t working for you or if you need/want more clarifications or support for your specific situation, then please don’t hesitate to “request a sleep consult”    and we will get your baby napping in no time!

hope some of these mommy secrets help you and your little one during nap time!


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