Consistency Is Your Key To Successful Parenting

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Well, I have to say I am very excited to be posting from my newly launched website.  I have worked hard to expand my business and services to meet more of your needs!  I hope this post and my new site finds all of you well.  Today I am going to chat about the big kahuna….CONSISTENCY!!  This is the key to all things successful in parenting.  It is your key to success from birth onward.  With this word taken into action you will create an environment for you and your children that is manageable .  You will help make parenting a joy and less of a struggle.  You will be able to control your household in a well mannered, calm and more predictable way.

Now, the big question….HOW DO I GET THERE?  This is a loaded question and will be a bit different for all of you depending on where you are today and the ages of you children.  Do you have habits to break?  Issues to resolve?  Do you have a newborn who is not sleeping well?  Are you lacking routines to help keep order?  As you can see, the list of scenarios is endless and many of you may relate to some or all of these.  Don’t worry, I am here to help!!!  You may be able to use many of my articles and posts to help you resolve your current issues and if you find you need more assistance than please don’t hesitate to contact me directly and we will figure out which service best suits your needs.

Here are a few pointers to get you going!

  1.  Always keep your word and never go back.  If you say no you MUST FOLLOW THROUGH!!!  ALWAYS!!
  2. Set schedules and routines with your family and make lists to help give visual cues if it’s age appropriate.
  3. Don’t give up and remember to remain CONSISTENT. Habits and routines take time to become permanent.
  4. Be FAIR, FIRM, and CONSISTENT!  Never yell or become physical.  You should use a firm voice and show you are serious.
  5. Don’t be unrealistic in your expectations, but do have high expectations as KIDS CAN DO!!

With the above pointers you must commit to the process and give it sufficient time to transition into your new habits!  Be positive and always give reinforcement.  Expect there to be blurps and bumps, but don’t go back!  Be CONSISTENT and you will begin to see many positive changes in your home!!  None of this is easy and often the hardest part is committing to make a change.  Do yourself and your family the favour of making the commitment today!  Parenting and kids are our greatest gift and you will enjoy this gift more once you feel at peace with the way things are day to day!

Happy Parenting and  remember anything is possible!!!!


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