Guide Your Baby Into Good Habits (birth-12 weeks)

A swaddled newborn baby is sleeping.

Bringing home baby can be one of the scariest, most joyful, straight up panicked, tearful, blissful and a complete cause for being overwhelmed situation!  How one tiny baby can bring about such a crazy mixture of emotions is yet to be determined, but for all of us parents out there, we can vouch that all of the above is possible.  Once you leave the hospital parents often find themselves asking, “now what?”  You’re not alone and first time parents, more than second or third timers, may be asking this question repeatedly.  Don’t worry!  I am here to tell you that there are things you can do to help create a positive and joyful experience with your newborn.  Of course I can’t magically make night feeds or evening fussiness disappear, but I can definitely give you some pointers to help these typical newborn behaviours feel more manageable and help give you a bit more control over your world with a newborn.

Statistics show that good sleep habits as children create good sleep habits in adults.  It is our job as parents to help teach our kids to sleep properly while they are young.  Sleep training is one of the most controversial topics amongst parents and one that I find could be diminished if we started off on the right foot and helped guide our babies into good habits from the get go.  You will still need to implement some sort of sleep method as you guide, but it will make sleep training less of an issue and sometimes a complete non-event.  ‘Guide Your Baby Into Good Habits’ is a complete written guide for all parents with newborns to follow from birth-12 weeks.  It will discuss in detail what a proper sleep environment looks like and what it should entail.  It will walk you through what to do from the beginning to help your baby sleep and eat on a schedule.  It will help ensure that your baby does not have day and night confusion and if they do, due to their time of birth, it will teach you how to reverse the confusion.  The guide will talk to you about creating good sleep habits for nighttime sleep and naps, along with teaching you how to keep your newborn from becoming over-tired and inconsolable. With small steps it will give your newborn chances to practice independence so that your baby learns that it’s okay to lay down alone.  This will help teach them to self-soothe and become a competent sleeper.  It will also help your baby feel comfortable to sit alone in a bouncy chair, etc.  without escalating into a full state of panic.  Of course, everything you do will ensure that your baby has been fed, burped, changed and completely loved and nurtured.

By following this guide you will be starting off on the right foot with the good habits, instead of creating back habits that a few months later need to be broken and re-trained.  Think of sleep as another milestone in your child’s life.  It’s no different from walking, crawling, and talking.  It’s just that YOU are in charge of TEACHING your child how to sleep properly.  This always freaks parents out and that’s okay.  I am here to tell you that by grabbing this guide you will start off down the right path and help you create a positive environment for your baby, you and your partner and the whole family.  Purchase the guide today and start making good sleep habits and schedules part of your daily routine for 2016!  I promise you will wish you had started sooner!

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