Get ALL My Parenting Tools In One Place

Wouldn't it be nice to have a parenting manual with all you need in one simple place? 

I'm sure you learned lots inside the "How to Set Effective Consequences Training" and you're probably ready to keep learning more! That's what happens, we open a can of (gummy) worms and we just want more! :-) 

Right now you can grab my complete Parenting Solutions Handbook for... 

 ONLY $97

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the full handbook.

Instantly download over 120 pages of step-by-step instructions on how to solve all of your parenting challenges from sleep, mealtimes, potty training, sibling rivalry, not listening, how to stop yelling, screentime challenges and much much more! 

  • NO MORE reading multiple parenting books all to leave you confused on next steps.
  • NO MORE wasting time reading information that doesn’t pertain to you or your needs.
  • NO MORE feeling confused on how to take the information and actually apply it to your real life.
  • NO MORE yelling, reminding or nagging.
  • NO MORE feeling lost and confused on what to do to get a behavior to stop.
  • NO MORE feeling unequipped to deal with daily parenting.

With the complete Parenting Solutions Handbook you will be able to access all the tools as you need them and instantly! The PDF handbook is instantly downloaded onto your device so you can easily reference it when you travel or are out of the house. 

Put an end to the vicious cycles of nag, yell, remind, repeat.

The Parenting Solutions Handbook includes tools to solve:

  • Steps on how to implement proper consequences that work
  • Find out why your current parenting approach might not be working and how to make adjustments for a more effective approach
  • Learn to connect with your kids in 10 minutes or less to encourage cooperation
  • Grab tools to fill power and attention buckets (meet emotional needs to improve behavior and sleep)
  • Help your kids build responsibility and independence
  • Tools to help avoid and minimize tantrums and meltdowns
  • Concrete tools and charts to download and print
  • Stop screen-time and homework battles
  • Complete guide to stop sibling rivalry and create loving sibling relationships
  • Learn how to positively discipline and avoid punishment
  • How to stop yelling and so, so, so much more!

This Handbook will walk you through each challenge so you feel supported along the way. Parenting is not intuitive; it’s a learned skill. Filling your toolbox and learning more positive skills is necessary in shifting your parenting. In order to stop the unwanted behaviors, you need to learn the skills to SHIFT your parenting to SHIFT your child's behavior. Use this resource to learn all the skills you need to help save you time, energy and frustration. 

Stop daily power struggles and create happier moments with your kids.

For only $97 dollars you will feel equipped and ready to handle anything parenting throws your way! 

See what other parents have to say about the Parenting Solutions Handbook…


The Parenting Manual has provided with effective tools and techniques to gently deal and correct our current parenting struggles with our toddler. We are seeing a lot of improvements and look forward to keep learning more about positive discipline.


This handbook is a must-have!

"My husband and I have found this to be an excellent resource when facing the challenges of toddlerhood! It provides clear, concise, tools and guidance on how to tackle everyday issues that one faces as a parent. I feel more prepared having read it, and having it in my "back pocket” as new issues arise. This handbook is a must-have!"

Saundra S.

I strongly recommend parents to buy any of Tia's programs...

Her Parenting Solutions Handbook is amazing! I strongly recommend parents to join her workshops, which really helps us to do a better job as parents and help our kids gain better life skills. We can’t thank you enough Tia!!! We love our Golden Time.”

Beril T.
profile-pic really should be easier then it currently is.

You make it all sound too easy and it's clearer now that it really should be easier then it currently is.


Golden Time helped so much!

"Golden Time helped so much. I'm on the first day of training and really trying to keep it up."

Mel M.

The kids are like night and day. There has been a huge shift!

The kids are like night and day. There has been a huge shift!


What You'll Get When You Purchase The Parenting Solutions Handbook

You will receive over 120 pages which covers a variety of parenting challenges. Each module includes step by step instructions, information and examples to help you solve all of your parenting challenges without confusion. (Not all modules are pictured below)

Problems don’t just go away...

Don’t wait for your parenting challenges to go away! Problems don’t just go away, they only grow as your kids grow. It’s time to make those positive changes and you can do that right now for only $97! 

I’m so excited for you to fill your toolbox with the complete Parenting Solutions Handbook. It’s your turn to create happier days with your kids. 

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