Have You Lost the Joy in Parenting?

iStock-frustrated mom jpgAsk yourself these questions regarding your current state of parenting:  do you dread certain or most parts of your day?  Is the best part of your day when your child is sleeping?  Do you feel like you’ve lost all control and you live your life battling it out with you kids about everything from bedtime, homework and what to eat?  Does parenting just seem like a constant uphill battle?  If you found yourself answering ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions – I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way!!  I know you may be skeptical and saying right about now, that I don’t know your kids or I don’t have a clue about how stubborn or strong-willed your kids may be.  You may be saying that there is no way to change your current situation.  Well, I will say it again – It doesn’t have to be that way!

Let me break it down for you to try and help you see how positive changes can be made.  How things we, the parents, can do to create a more positive and enjoyable parenting experience.  By admitting that you want things to be different and committing to the process, I am POSITIVE that you will see changes within the first few days.  Again, your skepticism may be coming on strong.  You may be thinking that I am totally full of it.

I understand how hard parenting can be and I understand that change is never easy.  I want you to know that the steps you take to make these changes are slow, manageable and completely tried, tested and proven to work!  You get to decide how quickly or slowly you implement new tools.  You start with 1-2 tools and once you have those down pat you can tweak and fine-tune all the other areas where you are struggling most.  For many, and truly almost all parents bedtime and sleep is the first step to adjust in order to create a more joyful parenting experience.  Every child needs sleep and every child performs best when they have enough sleep.  Along with the quantity of sleep, kids need to have good quality sleep.  SLEEP is the key to your success.  To read more about the importance of your kids sleep check out this article Good, Sound Sleep for Your Child.

I know how busy our lives get and how over-scheduled kids are in today’s society.  But step back and think about how well your child may perform at their sports, dance, musical, and all extracurricular activities if you gave them the opportunity to get good quantity and quality sleep.  Maybe they do less activities, but perform better and at their optimal level but doing less and sleeping more.  This is something YOU have to create and commit to.  YOU have to learn to say no to certain activities and make SLEEPING an important activity for your kids.  Its with enough sleep that your child’s brain development and physical growth reach their optimal potential.  Cranky, over-tired kids are hard to be around.  Impossible to reason with.  Under performing physically, mentally and academically.  Do your child a favour and make good sleep and sleep routines a priority.  These will be life-long sleeping skills that will become habitual as they grow.

I am putting major emphasis on sleep, because once sleep problems are solved you will see a major decline in the misbehaviours.  You will notice your child is more easy going and happier.  In turn, you will be happier and you will begin to see the joy in parenting again.  If you are having trouble with your kids, feel you’ve lost the joy in parenting and want to get into a more positive parent-child relationship, then please contact me today.  For sleep training and parent coaching click the links and lets go! The change starts with today and what you do today effects tomorrow!

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