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Start Good Habits Now So You Don't Have To Break Them Later

If your newborn needs to be constantly held and you can’t get your baby to sleep, then you need to take action now. By not creating good habits now, you will be forced to break bad habits later. This means getting your baby to sleep becomes harder on you and them. These 3 tips will guide you to create good sleeping and feeding habits so you don’t have trouble teaching your baby to sleep. 

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What Other Moms Are Saying...

Alexandra B.

Our evenings are now calm, structured and predictable, and my kids love it!

"I am so happy I took Tia’s advice about putting my kids to bed earlier!! It has made life so much easier and the kids are much more rested (as well as happier and more cooperative)!

Tia motivated us to implement a fixed and consistent bedtime routine as well. She helped us implement this with success by the use of a very helpful bedtime chart. This has been a game changer! Our evenings are now calm, structured and predictable, and my kids love it! I am feeling less tired and get more time to do my own things in the evenings. All I can say is, I now love early bedtimes and routines!"

The O'Hanlan Family

People always ask us how our baby is such a good sleeper or how she never cries and is always happy - so I tell them about Tia's teachings - it's all thanks to her.


Zoey, our 2 months old, is sleeping a lot in the day...and in her crib at night! What can I say? An angel baby!!! Thank you Tia!

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