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Start Good Habits Now So You Don't Have To Break Them Later

If your newborn needs to be constantly held and you can’t get your baby to sleep, then you need to take action now. By not creating good habits now, you will be forced to break bad habits later. This means getting your baby to sleep becomes harder on you and them. These 3 tips will guide you to create good sleeping and feeding habits so you don’t have trouble teaching your baby to sleep. 

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What Other Moms Are Saying...


When I met with Tia I was at the end of my rope, my son’s sleeping habits had really regressed. When Adam turned 4 months his sleep got even worse, he used to sleep at night for 6 – 7 hour stretches, then he started waking up every 2 – 3 hours. The first night of sleep training was tough but I followed Tia’s guidelines and it worked. Adam falls asleep within 5 minutes, he rarely cries and is now sleeping 11 – 12 hours at night.

The O'Hanlan Family

People always ask us how our baby is such a good sleeper or how she never cries and is always happy - so I tell them about Tia's teachings - it's all thanks to her.


....a game-changer for us!

“This is a game-changer for us. THANK YOU! Progress is happening. We are steady on with Golden Time, starting our routines earlier, THANK YOU Tia! The kids are really getting into their charts this week - and Tosh even independently decided to 'get a head start' on his bedtime jobs after school and was very proud to report this to me (chose his book, laid out clothes for tomorrow, etc...). Jaw drop! 😉 Thanks for everything!”

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