to scream or not to scream?

how many of you have infants that scream for anything and everything they need or want?  how many of you want to simply lock yourselves in the closet with some ear plugs and a bottle of wine, when it seems as though you just can’t take even one more single scream?  there are ways to help your little one be less frustrated, which is the key reason the majority of babies scream.  i would scream too if i couldn’t communicate my wants and needs.  i guess we have to give them some credit for being so smart and screaming!  they’ve figured out it is a sure way to get our attention and in turn get them what they want!

baby sign language is an awesome way to help you help your little ones communicate.  the response to baby signs varies from parent to parent.  sometimes i get a negative response when i mention baby sign and i usually take from that type of response that they have never given it a chance.  it may sound stupid, or unnecessary or be viewed as though you are going over the top.  the truth of the matter is, it works!!  there are many studies and statistics that prove the benefits of baby sign.  not only does it decrease their frustration, but it teaches them the skill of communication long before they can verbally do so.  baby sign also helps develope their language skills.  babies who did baby sign often read and speak earlier than those who didn’t.  people who are playing devils’ advocate to baby sign will often say that they feel babies will speak later, because they won’t have to speak due to relying on the signing.  this is not true.  they will speak and like i mentioned usually earlier.  the reason is they learn that the signs have a meaning.  when you teach the signs you are also verbally expressing what the sign is.  by combining the two every time you sign they will learn both.  i’m not saying you need to full on sign every word with you baby.  i’m just saying learn the basics: eat, drink, all done, change diaper, please, thank you, etc.. these and a few more will stop the meal time screams and other screams you are tortured with throughout your day.

i have done baby sign language with both my boys.  i took a mom/infant course with my first and with my second i just used the handouts from that class.  my sissy also does signing with my neice, emerson, and as you can see from the adorable blueberry face, she is a happy camper at meal time!  this is not rocket science! anyone is capable of doing this with their baby.  it will decrease the screaming exponentially and you will notice a huge difference in your child’s overall demeanor!  if you are seconds away from the ear plugs, wine, and closed closet door, than give this a try!!  i swear by baby sign and i choose ‘not to scream!’


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