how i help parents

One-on-One Coaching

Do you love the idea of a tailored step by step plan to fit the needs of your family, values and goals? One-on-One virtual coaching is a simple, easy and effective way to reach your goals in a supportive way. Put an end to your parenting challenges and create lasting results all without overwhelm. 

how i help parents

The Parenting With Purpose Method (PWMP) 

A proven system with support, accountability and results! 12 week program which includes flexible online learning along with daily and weekly to Tia for questions, coaching and support! This method has a success rate that's through the roof as it's designed for busy parents! 

how i help parents

Speaking Events

Have a parenting group, school or group of friends who would love to learn more about positive parenting or gain more knowledge on specific topics?

Book Tia to speak to speak virtually or live (location dependent). 

Get Your Kids to Cooperate in Just 10 Minutes!

If you want your kids to listen the first time without reminders and have them cooperate without yelling, then you need to be doing Golden Time. It's a full proof formula that works every time. This is the biggest piece to completing your easier parenting puzzle and it only takes 10 minutes!