Certification Program  

Want more Freedom? Work from Home? Choose your own Hours? Solve your own parenting challenges at the same time?


For parents, coaches, teachers and professionals to take their parenting skills and career to the next level. 

Get Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions certified and become your own boss, create more freedom, flexibility and ease in your life.

Solve your own parenting challenges in the most positive and effective way. All while learning to become a positive discipline parenting coach, to help change the lives of others! 

Feeling like you can't add more to your plate? 

I know you're a busy parent, without a lot of extra time. This program is designed for you! 

Do all of this in an easy and manageable way! We've got your back! We are busy parents too!

Time Commitment - Average of only 2.5 hours per week

For Parents

Tired of the battle? Exhausted from the yelling and power struggles? Finally learn how to put a stop to all of this in a positive way. Learn the skills to shift your parenting to shift your child's behavior. It's magic! 

For Coaches

Dreaming of becoming a certified parenting coach? To run your own business, choose your own hours, have the opportunity to stay home with your kids? Become your own boss- take control of your time! 

For Professionals

Becoming Parenting Solutions certified is a great addition to your credentials and resume. If you're a counsellor, therapist, psychologist, teacher, nanny... Expand your knowledge and support your clients at a deeper level. 

6 Month Certification Program

PHASE I - Training

The Parenting With Purpose Method 

This program is based on The Parenting With Purpose Method teachings and online program.  

Proven step by step plan. 12 weeks, 12 modules, complete with audio lessons, action tasks, downloads, additional resources and more.

Gain access to the private coaching community for the entirety of the 6 month program where you have access to our coaching team for daily questions and weekly live group zoom coaching calls. 

You can't model what you don't see!

Learn how to resolve your parenting challenges with a proven method - showing you how to later coach clients of your own! 

PHASE II - Application

Applying Your Skills

Becoming a parenting coach requires you to practice your skills with consistency. Being able to practice what you preach to others will be critical for the success of your clients. 

Phase II is where we take your learnings and start putting them into play. Weekly assignments where you're asked to answer parenting challenges and guide them through via your written responses. 

Weekly feedback to help push you to the next level and ensure you're ready to enter phase III. This is where things get really exciting!! 

PHASE 3 - Assessment 

Let's have some fun...
Live Coaching begins!

Don't let fear get in your way! We will be there with you each step of the way.

Practice co- coaching inside the private group with The Parenting With Purpose Method, Tia and her certified coaches beside you every step of the way. 

The final month is spent co-coaching in written responses to real-live questions clients have inside the group. Feedback will be given as you grow your coaching skills.

The final 2 weeks you will have the opportunity to co-coach on live coaching calls. Build your confidence as a leader and coach. 

Setting You Up For Success!

Graduate feeling 100% ready to coach clients of your own! Skills you will have for life. Skills you will mentor others to gain! 

Learning Objectives

Coaching Skills

Tia Slightham Parenting Solutions Certified

Full Parenting Toolbox

Expand both personally and professionally

Become the best parent you can be. 

About Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions

Our mission is to empower parents by providing them with the skills to feel calm, confident and equipped in any parenting situation. At Parenting Solutions we are helping certification clients learn how to parent free of yelling, anger and punishment all while teaching them the skills to coach others in a positive and effective way! 

It's a WIN-WIN🎉

What’s included:

  • Certification onboarding gift
  • Copy of the Certification Workbook
  • 6 months access inside The Parenting With Purpose Method private coaching group
  • Audio lessons made for busy parents to listen on the go
  • Access to private WhatsApp group for any questions you might have
  • Weekly live group zoom coaching calls 
  • Weekly feedback - on all assignments
  • Tools and information you can access 24/7
  • Downloadable tools and action tasks to keep you on track with your goals 
  • 6 months of support as your work through all 3 critical phases 
  • Upon completion you will be Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions Inc. Certified and receive a certificate for your records.

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At Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions, we believe in strong parent child connection, improved mental health and breaking generational cycles.

You can do all of this and more for your family and your future inside our 6 month certification program!