Transform Your Parenting

The parenting with purpose method

Taking parents with kids aged 1+ from exhaustion and overwhelm to a place where they can parent feeling calm, confident and equipped all free of yelling, anger, punishment and guilt.

Step by step Tia walks you through how to gain the skills to parent with positive discipline. Fill your toolbox with positive and effective tools to set you and your kids up for success. No more second guessing what to do or say. No more wondering why nothing works. No more wishing you had it all figured out. You get one chance to raise your kids. What are you willing to do?

Learn the skills to shift your parenting to shift your child's behavior!

Solve sleep challenges, power struggles, negotiations, refusing to listen or cooperate, back talking, learn how to understand your child's behavior and which tools to use when. Discover how to implement proper consequences, always using discipline and avoiding punishment to teach life lessons in ways that actually work!

Help you and your child build and strengthen your connection all while raising confident, independent and respectful kids! 

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Platinum Level

  • 6 month coaching program 
  • 6 month access to private coaching group for daily questions (Monday-Friday)
  • Weekly group coaching calls (live & recorded)
  • Email Support 
  • Step by step online plan to solve your challenges morning to night
  • Ongoing access to online materials/program for as long as Tia is running The Parenting With Purpose Method
  • 6 (50 minute) zoom 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Personalized intake form with a complete roadmap for 1:1 sessions
  • Free access to bonus Consequences Training
  • Onboarding gift!

Gold Level (Most Popular)

  • 3 month coaching program 
  • 3 month access to private coaching group for daily questions (Monday-Friday) 
  • Weekly group coaching calls (live & recorded)
  • Step by step online plan to solve your challenges morning to night
  • Ongoing access to online materials/program for as long as Tia is running The Parenting With Purpose Method
  • Never feel alone, stuck or unsure what to do
  • Upgrade anytime

Your kids grow quickly - It's time you can't get back!

Right now is the time to solve your parenting challenges. They don’t go away. They don’t get better. They just get bigger as your kids grow. Solve the challenges now to avoid those scary teenage years.

Stuck feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with parenting? Hoping to stop feeling like you’re failing your kids…
…want to stop resenting kids and daily life…
…and you know that yelling, anger, rewards and punishment aren’t working…

It’s NOT YOUR FAULT! Parenting is NOT intuitive, don’t expect to know how to do this. 

Let me show you how to get kids who listen the first time you ask without yelling or reminders, for the freedom to live a happy and healthy life with kids.

I’m going to walk you through exactly how I can help you stop the negative cycles and allow you to be a better parent than your parents were, with respectful kids who listen and cooperate. 

As each day passes and kids continue to grow, the problems grow and the window of opportunity closes. 

Weeks or months into the future when you look back on this time I hope you’ll congratulate yourself for being decisive and taking action.

Your kids are counting on you.


It’s a one and done parenting course!

Shelley - Mom of 2 Boys

I hated raising kids until I worked with Tia.


I'm a more confident mom. Go for it!

Sharra D.

Tia and her teachings have been nothing short of amazing.


This program has saved my life! Thank you for all your knowledge, support and compassion.

Sarai R.

Tia was exactly what I needed to break my negative parenting experience.

Mallery H.

I was stuck and Tia got me unstuck. Her approach isn’t overwhelming; it is simple so you can catch on quickly! I’m enjoying being a parent so much more now.

Cheryl B.

I stopped yelling in when I started the program and haven’t yelled since.


Working with Tia was definitely life-changing! The only thing we wish was that we found her sooner!

Jessica G. - Mother of 3 (Ages 5, 4 and 20 months)

Tia is a wealth of knowledge! Introducing her tools and positive parenting approach changed our parenting experience.

Ariella I.

My husband and I are finally on the same page and our household is much calmer! It’s amazing to feel free of guilt and equipped.

Lisa V.

Tia has changed our lives for the better! She’s the best at what she does. I now am proud of the mom I am and the way I’m raising my son.

Melissa S.

We now have the confidence, knowledge and skills we were clearly lacking before.

Mel S.

Thank you for your help, guidance and support. It means a lot.

Amanda Q.

Tia gave us back our confidence. Thank you for allowing us to hit the reset button and change the way we parent so that we set up our children for success!

Stephanie & David

What we loved most about the program was all the support, flexible online portion and the community of parents going through similar challenges. We have learned how to stop yelling and implement reliable techniques. Thank you, Tia!

Jessica K - Mother of 3

Thanks to Tia we stopped yelling at our kids! In just a few weeks we were more in control of our own emotions and parenting.

Gregg and John

Do it! You don’t need to feel exhausted, alone, and fed up.

Sarah A.

We used to yell all the time and now thanks to Tia we don’t! We've read books and tried different things, but wanted a proven program and access to an expert.

Lindsay and Sean L.

I have more confidence because I have a plan. I know what I am going to do and I know it will work.

If like me you have doubts about positive parenting trust that it will work.


Get Your Kids to Cooperate in Just 10 Minutes!

If you want your kids to listen the first time without reminders and have them cooperate without yelling, then you need to be doing Golden Time. It's a full proof formula that works every time. This is the biggest piece to completing your easier parenting puzzle and it only takes 10 minutes!