catching your zzz’s : jack (5 1/2 months) sleeps

hi everyone!!  so sorry it has been so long since my last post!  we were away on a family vacation…a really good excuse in my opinion! 🙂  that being said i am so happy to be back home and back blogging with you!  during my time away i continued to work and sleep train many little ones!  i wanted to give you the update for our little jack.  sorry again for the delay in jack’s progress report!  jack took to sleep training very well, as all babies do if you stick to the plan!  carolyn and her husband were very consistent and committed to the process and they saw amazing results in the first few days.  after the first week they had jack sleeping all night on his own.  he had learned to self-soothe and when he did wake in the night he would fuss himself back to sleep. they no longer had to go to him to soothe and feed.  as the days went on, the wakings decreased and the little boy who was going to bed around 9 pm, was hitting the sheets around 7 or 7:30 pm and sleeping until 7:30 am!  there are no more night feedings, rocking or co-sleeping in jack’s house! 

nap training usually takes longer for everyone!  the average is about 10 solid days of nap training to see a big difference.  even after 10 days you will most likely be tweaking things here and there.  it takes some patience and time to get your little one onto a strict nap schedule.  remember to not get discouraged and hang in there. this is what carolyn did!  she stuck to the plan, even though she was a bit discouraged with the nap situation.  jack was waking after brief naps and she was concerned that he may not ever nap longer.  i am happy to say that jack now is napping longer naps and she is no longer rocking him or soothing him to get him down for a sleep. it takes some dedication and work, but great naps will develop!

for carolyn naps continue to be a work in progress, but after just 2 weeks time jack had mastered all night sleeping and was napping on average 2 naps a day and he had learned to nap longer for most of these!  congrats to carolyn for all her hard work!  it definitely paid off and she can attest to this as her family is catching their zzz’s tonight!


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