sleepless nights : jack (5 1/2 months)

do you wonder if…you are ever going to get your little one to sleep all night?  if he/she is ever going to take a nap longer than 45 minutes and not always need to be rocked to sleep? are you ever going to stop feeding in the night?  am i ever going to get this kid on a schedule?  these are some of the major concerns carolyn wanted help with when she contacted “mommy secrets.”  i sent carolyn my beginning questionnaire, which really helps me get a good idea of her current situation.  we had a great phone consultation and i was 100% confident that she, like many others, would find success at the end of this process.  carolyn was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the lack of schedule and that she never really knew when to put jack down for naps or bedtime. he was currently taking 3 naps on average, all very short, and going to bed between 8:30-9:00 pm.  he was being rocked to sleep and during the night when he woke, anywhere from 1-3 times, carolyn was feeding him and he would then go back to sleep.  sometimes in the early morning feed she would bring jack back to bed with her to nurse and co-sleep, just to catch a few more zzz’s.  does this sound familiar to any of you mommies?

these issues are very, very, very common amongst many mothers.  you are not alone!  the good news is you, like carolyn, can do something about it and fix these problems.  once carolyn and i spoke i knew exactly where she was coming from and what her desired outcome and goals were.  i strive to make my clients happy and therefore, we work together along this journey.  i am happy to alter, change, or adjust the sleep training process in any way i can to try and make you more comfortable and still ensure you success.  through email and chats, carolyn knew exactly what she needed to do in order to turn this situation around.  she, like all of you, hated the thought of having to hear jack cry, but i reassured her that in the long run there would be less tears sleep training, than the amount of tears your over tired and frustrated child will have day in and day out forever if you don’t take the bull by the horn! 

carolyn did an absolutely amazing job and saw major results within just a couple days and 1 week later she is thrilled with jack’s sleep!  i will post about jack’s progress and sleep results soon!  stay tuned….you too will be shocked with what 1 short week can do!!


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