are you boarding the sleep train??

to sleep train or not to sleep train…that is the question?  many parents have a difficult time deciding whether or not to sleep train their little one.  they ponder this question for days, weeks, months and in some cases years!  they go back and forth between what method they want to try, the pros and cons of sleep training and whether or not they feel as though they can handle the battle.  they often wonder whether or not they are capable of defeating this dreaded no sleep cycle.  i am here to tell you that YOU are totally capable!  with the right tools, knowledge and method, YOU will successfully sleep train your baby!!

many times parents read too many books or get too many opinions when they do their research on sleep training methods.  they key is to stick to one method! even if you don’t like all the pieces of the method it is important to stick to one book or one doula.  every book out there and and every sleep doula will have something different to say about one thing or another.  whether it be tears or no tears, stay in the room or not in the room, how young is too young?  this list will go on and on and drive you absolutely insane!  if you don’t like a certain part than you can tweak it as you go, but going to a new book or new method, may cause you more confusion.  the key to sleep training is commitment and consistency!!  without these two things you will not have success.  whatever method you choose you also need to feel comfortable with and believe in.  this will help you stick to your guns when you feel like giving up! 

deciding to sleep train is one of the best decisions you will make for your little ones’ well being.  sleep is so important for many reasons.  your baby’s brain grows faster while he/she sleeps, your baby will learn more during the hours they are awake as they will be rested and alert, they will be better sleepers as adults as they will have the sleeping tools and habits needed to sleep properly, etc.!  Parents Magazine had this great article titled, “How to Have Happier Bedtimes and Better Sleep.” it goes into great detail about the positives in teaching your child good sleep habits early on.   there are also many pros for you and your family as well.  you will be more rested and therefore more patient. this will brighten your overall mood making you happier and generally creating a better overall well-being.  you will be able to enjoy your family more and the time it gives you and your significant other to be alone together.  a strong family begins with you and your partner, therefore you need to create a schedule where you are granted this special time to make for one another.  if you are not happy and/or happy together it makes it difficult to keep the family unit strong. 

start helping you and your family today, by boarding the sleep train!  sleep train your way to the best destination…rested, happy and healthy!


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