Parenting Solutions For Your Employees.


We solve problems for employers and employees.
Our program and workshops were built specifically with workplace wellness in mind.

For Employers

Data reporting to drive the evolution of your programs. Ongoing support. Increase employee morale, workplace engagement and productivity with a virtual wellness solution customized for your organization’s wants, needs and budget.

For Insurers

Your branding, our solutions. Offer your clients expert solutions while building stronger relationships with our white-labelled wellness program designed with both employers and employees in mind.

For Partners and Resellers

Smart, simple, constantly progressing. Our platform is the perfect integration to fill the gaps and enhance your existing health and wellness program. 

Set up is as easy as one, two, done!


Launch with Ease

Getting started is simple - no tech team required. Our hub development and onboarding team will have you ready to go in no time!

Step 2

Access Lessons and Workshops 

Access the The Parenting With Purpose Method online program, along with downloadable tools and action tasks to keep parents on track with their goals.

Plus optional 12 on demand or live/Q&A monthly workshops for added support (Topics hand selected for your company's needs).


Thrive Together

  • Free access for employee's partners. 
  • Audio lessons broken down into bite-sized pieces for busy working parents. 
  • Join LIVE virtual workshops.
  • Get the support, knowledge and tools you need.

Your ROI

Decreased turnover

Improved mental, emotional & physical health

Increased employee productivity

Improved mood, focus and decision making

Decreased sick/stress leave

Get to know us.

Our mission is to empower parents by providing them with the skills to feel calm, confident and equipped in any parenting situation. At Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions, we are helping clients learn how to parent free of yelling, anger and punishment which greatly improves parent mental health, decreases stress and anxiety and increases parents' ability to perform tasks in the workplace and home environment.

What’s included:

  • Customized user hub with your business’s branding and messaging.
  • Access to The Parenting With Purpose Method content hub.
  • Audio lessons made for busy parents to listen on the go.
  • Optional 12 on demand or live/Q&A monthly workshops for added support (Topics hand selected for your company's needs).
  • Workshop replays available.
  • Tools and information parents can access 24/7.
  • Downloadable tools and action tasks to keep parents on track with their goals. 
  • Provides busy working parents with tactics and strategies that are simple, effective and ready to implement right away.
  • Quarterly surveys with data collection about employee's experience and results

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Ongoing program support

  • Lead assigned from Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions to your organization will manage the relationship.
  • Quarterly employee surveys with incentivized participation will collect data about how our program affects: overall mental, emotional and physical health, stress levels, productivity and other data requested from you as the employer.
  • This data is collected anonymously so employees feel free to express themselves.
  • Quarterly reporting to share results and feedback between organizations will identify what’s going well, where the gaps are and opportunities for growth as you continue to work with us.

At Tia Slightham - Parenting Solutions, we believe in strong parent child connection, improved mental health and breaking generational cycles for your employees and their families.

Workshops Available Inside Our Program Include:

  • Break The Yelling Cycle
  • Stop Screen Time Battles
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Shift Your Parenting
  • Get Your Kids To Listen

  • Battle Free Bedtimes
  • Consequences
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Behavior Roadmap 
  • Golden Time

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