One Event Can Change Your Life 

If your child’s school, parenting groups, workplace or even just you and a group of friends, are interested in learning more about positive discipline parenting - BOOK Tia for a tailored event. The vibe in a room or zoom meeting space full of like-minded parents is sure to be impactful and informative. Plan to walk away with tools and strategies you can begin implementing straight away! 

Virtual events via Zoom or Local Toronto (GTA) Speaking Events (pricing upon request)


What Clients Are Saying...

Gregg & John


In just a few weeks we were more in control of our own emotions and parenting. Times where we would have normally had boiled blood, yelled and even spanked, we now are able to respond in a calm and effective way.



I had the opportunity to attend some workshops as well as work with Tia one-on-one, which have all been very beneficial. We love Tia's approach and she's able to breakdown scenarios into bite pieces. We now have a clear plan on how to improve our parenting to help our 2 1/2 year old son feel more confident and independent.

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Get Your Kids to Cooperate in Just 10 Minutes!

If you want your kids to listen the first time without reminders and have them cooperate without yelling, then you need to be doing Golden Time. It's a full proof formula that works every time. This is the biggest piece to completing your easier parenting puzzle and it only takes 10 minutes!