Empower Your Child’s Emotions

Empower Your Child’s Emotions

Our kids are human, just like you and me, but happen to be smaller and shorter. They deserve the same respect and kindness that we desire as adults. Often times as parents we try to stump or quiet down our child’s emotions, but it’s important to let your child’s emotions exist. Large tantrums, screaming fits and meltdowns can be embarrassing for parents and hard to handle at times, but with there are many parenting solutions to help you teach your kids learn how to manage big emotions and you can learn to empower your child’s emotions. 

Our Kids Have The Right To Emotions Too

Empower your child's emotions, Boy crying having tantrum with anger
Sweet little boy was very sad and crying

Emotions exist in each and every one of us and from time to time they get pent up and enhanced. Whether your child is a toddler, school aged child, or teenager it’s important to validate your child’s emotions. When we have positive solutions and tools available, you help empower your child. When your child begins to scream, yell and become over-taken with emotions it’s never easy. We, ourselves, have had bad days, been overly frustrated, irritable, cranky and moody. As adults, we feel we have the right to these emotions, but sometimes forget that our kids have the right to these emotions too!

What To Do When Big Emotions Take Over

When big emotions take over it’s important for you as parents to have positive tools ready and available. You are your child’s biggest support and when their emotions take charge, they need you more than ever to be their to lean on. It may not seem like they want or need you during the crazy storm of emotions, but they do. First and foremost you need to remain CALM and don’t react. When you react it encourages your child to cry louder and scream longer. This is exactly what we don’t want. So, as hard as it is to not react, it’s a must.

A Calming Corner Gives Your Child A Safe Place For Emotions

When your child is in the middle of a big emotional response they will need time and space to work things out. This doesn’t mean that you send them to their room and punish them for having emotions. This is the time your child needs empowerment the most. But, it also doesn’t mean that you allow rudeness, back-talking or negative behaviours to be accepted. We must learn to cope and deal with emotions in ways that empower our kids without punishment. When you send your kids to a time-out in a negative manner to punish them, you are making matters worse. This will make them angry and cause them to lash out further. Instead you a Positive Discipline approach by creating a “Calming Corner” in your home. Decide with your child where they would like the corner to be. have him/her choose things that help them calm down to place in the corner such as, music, books, or stuffies. This IS NOT a time-out. It’s a safe, calm place for your child to choose to use as a tool to calm down.

Be Role Model For Your Kids

Stop and take deep breaths next time your child’s behaviour is loud and driving you crazy. Take these breaths as a way to model to your child that you won’t let your emotions take over. When you can remain calm and in control of your emotions, you show them that emotions are okay. This will empower your child to learn to manage their own emotions. Once you begin to demonstrate to your kids what their coping options are, they will learn what to do by watching you. Help your child develop their own coping tools by implementing a “Calming Corner” and practice using their breath. There are many more tools such as the “Wheel of Choice” to implement in your home to help deal with tantrums, biting, hitting, back-talking and more. For more information Let’s Start Talking!

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