Parenting With Balance

Parenting With Balance

To say that parenting is a balancing act is putting it lightly. Parenting can sometimes feel like we are walking a tight rope, hundreds of feet up in the air and at any given moment we may fall. Parenting with balance, can be achieved and it doesn’t have to feel like a death sentence! Follow these simple steps to help learn how to balance yourself and your family.

dad tired from parenting, needs to learn how to parent with balance
Dad feeling overwhelmed and needs to learn how to parent with balance

Not Enough Time In The Day

Not having enough time is a very common complaint and struggle for many parents. Does it feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done?  Without enough hours in a day parenting with balance can be difficult. It often feels next to impossible to take care of yourself and your family, amongst work and other priorities. Know you’re not alone. This struggle is ongoing and one that takes commitment in order to make positive changes. Follow these steps to help your day feel longer, less stressful and more productive. With a few changes you will find more balance in your day.

It All Starts With YOU

Begin gaining balance by starting each day with YOU! It’s All About Balance is an article I wrote for You’ve Got This, Mama and it goes into more detail on how you can make this happen. In order to find balance you first need to create balance within yourself. If you get into the habit of taking care of you first, you will notice that taking care of others feels like less of a burden. You will begin to feel better about yourself and the feelings will trickle down to the rest. If your struggling to make time for exercise try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier and do an at home workout before the rest of your gang is up. Try this Nike Training App for simple and easy to follow routines!

Make Life Easier and Healthier In The Kitchen

Parenting with balance starts from the iwe eat can help make our days feel more productive and less stressful. Parenting will be easier if you feel better from the inside out. Often there simply isn’t enough time to get healthy meals organized and on the table, but I have solutions for you. If you’re looking for healthier recipes for you and the family try organizing a meal plan in advance for the week or make life easy by signing up for a reasonably priced program where you get weekly meal plans, recipes and your shopping list emailed! I love The Fresh 20 because the meals aren’t complicated, they are tasty for the entire family and it sends me a prepping guide to make work-week meals fast and easy!

Write It Down

Making lists is a great way to help you parent with balance. Prioritize your day and help decrease feeling overwhelmed by writing it down! Lists help keep you organized and on track. When you begin to feel bombarded with too many things todo in the day, a list can calm you down. Writing everything down helps take the stress off your mind to remember everything that needs to be done and as you complete something you can cross it off your list! This is my favourite part as it visually shows me all I’ve accomplished. I am ‘old-school’ and like to write my lists with pen and paper, but for all you new, young, and hip parents you’ll love this Wuderlist App to keep track of everything on your device.  List making is good for your mind and body!

Get The Whole Family On Board

Parenting with balance can also be achieved by sharing the household workload. Involving the entire family in household work and personal duties, will help you accomplish more. Taking some of the work-load off of yourself will allow you more time to create balance and time for YOU! It simultaneously will be helping your kids feel more significant. This significance is directly equated to your child’s overall sense of capability and confidence. When we do everything for our kids we indirectly tell them that they aren’t capable. This decreases their self-worth and in turn will create bad behaviour.

Next Steps

What are your next steps in creating balanced parenting? With a new school year approaching now is the perfect time to make some positive changes. Help Ease Your Kids Back Into School and prepare them for more independence and responsibility. It’s important to teach and train your kids in advance on all the new routines and expectations. By taking time up front you will have more ease on the backend.Here are more tips on How To Build Your Child’s Independence.  Book your appointment with me today and Let’s Start Talking about how YOU can create more balance and make more time in your day!


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