happy mother’s day!!

a very happy happy mommy’s day to all you wonderful mommies!  to all of you, whom like myself, dedicate our world, lives and entire heart to our beautiful children.  you deserve a day to be recognized for all your hard work and i truly hope that you were by the ones you love! 

i had a fantastic day!  mainly because i spent the day with my 3 favourite men!  the boys spoiled me rotten and made me feel like a princess, which is always nice every once in awhile!  let’s face it…who doesn’t like the boys cooking you breakfast, making you lattes, showering you with ‘i love you’s,’ hugs, kisses and of course their thoughtful gifts and cards!  i am the luckiest mom in the planet to have 2 healthy, happy and secure young boys.  seeing them flourish, develop and grow each day lets me know that i am doing my job!  seeing them smile and laugh lets me know that they are happy in their world and to me these are the BEST mother’s day gifts around!  

who could ask for anything more than the gift of your children.  they are what makes me strive to be a better mommy and person.  it’s what makes me get up each day, even though i may be tired, because i can’t wait to hug and kiss them good morning.  their bright-eyed view of everything, including 6 am wake-ups, makes it easier for me to face the early mornings with a smile on my face! 

thank you to my husband, hudson and beckett for making me the luckiest lady in all the planets!!  i love you all to pieces!! 

happy mother’s day!!

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