it’s the little things!

being a parent is something no one could have ever fully prepared me for.  it’s just one of those things that you have to do to know.  no matter how many times people say just wait until you have kids!   better enjoy life now before the baby comes!  your life will never be the same!  you simply don’t get it, until you do it!  having kids is totally indescribable.  each person experiences it in a different way and there is no way to tell anyone what it will be like.  for me, i sort of thought i had a pretty good idea what i was getting into.  i have my masters in education and taught kindergarten before kids.  i also used to do tons of babysitting and was a part time nanny during university.  needless to say, my life revolved around what i loved, kids!  the funny thing is, even with all the experience i had with children…it’s just not the same as when they are your own.  having your own brings about this overwhelming sense of responsibility and with this comes this out of this world, massive type of love.  i never could have imagined how much i would have loved my kids.  the love is a love so big that you would jump in front of a moving train to save their lives.  you would sacrifice anything to make them happy and to be sure they are comfortable, healthy and happy individuals. 

day to day parenting can feel a bit like ground hogs day.  wake-up, do breakfast, get dressed and ready for school, do the daily drop off and pick ups, run errands, keep the house in order, dinner, bath, books, song, bed, kisses, and nighty night! then the morning comes and we do it all over again, more or less!  now, i’m not complaining, but all of you parents will understand where i am coming from when i give this brief description of our daily routine.  yes, we have date nights, play dates, and changes in the schedule, but overall this is my life in a nutshell!

i find it’s the simple, sweet, little things that melt my heart and make this daily rendition of ground hogs day enjoyable for me!  it’s those times where hudson grabs my face, kisses me and tells me “i yuv you soooo much!”  or even better “i yuv you to pieces!”  we’re still working on our “L” sounds! or when becks looks over at me and smiles his huge happy smile,  letting me know how thrilled he is to be here with me.  when he opens his mouth as wide as can be and plants me a sloppy wet one or giggles with his nose all crinkled.  all of these things along with so many more make parenting so worth while.  yes, our lives have changed and we have to put our kids before ourselves, but in reality what’s life without them.  in my opinion, it would be nothing!  my kids are my everything (oh, and my husband too!) they make me a better person and make this world a better place! it’s the little things that remind me how truly lucky and blessed i am!

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