stand tall in your shoes!!

right for you….wrong for them! parenting is something that brings about debate after debate after debate.  some minor and some so controversial that the discussions become seriously heated!  with this comes parents second guessing themselves, wondering if they are doing this right or wrong and maybe feeling a sense of failure with certain issues.  i’m here to tell you to not let it get to you.  if you let the pressures of others get under your skin you will be unhappy parenting.  you have to remember that they are your kids and the choices and decisions you make towards parenting are entirely up to YOU!  don’t let others push you around.  make you feel inferior or wrong.  i often find what other parents have to say very interesting and i learn lots from others.  what i don’t listen to is negative comments or judgements made towards me and/or my parenting style. 

what’s right for you may be wrong for them and vice versa.  for example, i am not a fan of co-sleeping for many reasons and many of you may be fans of co-sleeping for many reasons.  attachment parenting is another one of these situations where you have your beliefs and they may or may not match those of the mom next door.  what i’m trying to get at is you have to do what’s right for you.  what’s right for your family.  what you feel is right for your child, your marriage, partnership, and everything that is affected by your parenting.  it really doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about how you parent.  if you feel you are doing the best you can do and you 100% believe in your techniques, style and choices than who gives a crap what anyone else has to say.  stand firm for your beliefs.  i often get funny looks or wise ass comments when people hear that my boys are asleep by 5:45 pm each night.  but guess what….i don’t care!  i love our schedule and it works for our family.  my kids are happy, rested and don’t have evening melt downs.  i of course don’t have to justify myself to you or anyone else on why i have the schedule we have because like i just told you…it doesn’t matter what you think about my parenting.  it matters that it works for me and i 100% believe in how we parent. 

like i’ve mentioned before, i love to listen to how others parent, ways they deal with certain issues, and so forth.  i don’t like to tell them that they are doing something wrong or right.  it’s not my place.  i don’t have to agree, but i don’t have to make them feel bad or feel the need to justify it to me because i am up their bum with negative comments.  whether you decide to co-sleep, sleep train, continue with night feeds, etc. is all entirely up to you and what works for you!  i am here to help if anyone wants help and believes in what i have to say and do.  i am not here to force anyone to take my stand or judge them for having a different stand than mine.  parenting is such a controversial issue with debates up the ying yang.  just do your best, be kind to other parents and remember to stand your ground and don’t let others put you down for what you do.  parenting is one of the hardest jobs and you have to believe in yourself to do your best. 

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  1. thank you for the comment, although shoes and/or kids shoe sizing is not with this post is about. please feel free to read the blog post when you have some time to see what "stand tall in your shoes" is really about!

  2. Great read! This should be sent out to every mom, friend, family & in-laws that feel the need to always comment on your parenting, as if they know better than your own child's mom.

  3. Thank you for the positive comment and for reading my blog! i am so glad to have reached you and to have written about something you can relate to. i try to reach all parents in some way and i want to write about what YOU all want to read! please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas you would like me to touch on! again thank you for reading and commenting! i love to communicate with my readers!

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