knowledge is power

i am constantly helping mothers who feel completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and hopeless when it comes to ever getting their babies to sleep.  i love doing this for many reasons.  i of the reasons is because it is so rewarding to help others have success!  nothing feels better than hearing the sad, tired voice of an exasperated mother turn happy, rested and upbeat!  along with this their babies are happier, more rested, and in turn, learning more throughout the day, helping them enjoy life to it’s fullest and become all they can be!

i recently received an email from a past client that sums up what i’ve just said :

“Hello Tia, I’ve been meaning to thank you once again for your help in what was a very difficult time in my life, and for your faith and confidence in me, which was truly what I needed. And of course knowledge is power, and I will forever be grateful.”

this message meant so much to me and also made me realize how ‘knowledge is power,’ especially for parents.  i have a young family of my own and therefore, my services don’t involve home visits, consults, or training.  i only offer my services through email and phone.  sometimes people may frown upon this a wish or want for someone to come to their home and do if for them.  i understand these wants, as i have sleep trained my own and i know how hard it can be.  when i received this message from my past client it really brought something home for me…knowledge is power!  just as pure and simple as it states!  as a parent, you want to be able to teach, care, and understand everything about your child.  by learning the tools from me and having guidance, support and care along the way, it is truly all you need!  you can do the rest!  by you doing the work you will be in control of your situation and you will KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO IT!!  this feels so good as a parent.  you will know the ins and outs of every type of fuss, cry, chat, etc. that goes along with your baby learning to sleep.  the best part is, down the line when your baby encounters issues and set-backs with sleep maybe due to sickness, teeth, travel, development, you will know what to do to get them back on track.  when you carry all the knowledge and tools in your back pocket, than you are able to whip them out when these times present themselves to you! 

i hope you all gain some knowledge from my posts!  as a parent, you know your child best! to have the knowledge, confidence and, of course, love to face situations that arise makes you the best parent you can be!  


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