Work Directly With Tia and Get an Easy, Action Filled Plan

Are you living day in and day out frustrated by your kids? In a blink of an eye your kids will be grown and you deserve to enjoy the moments you have together without regrets. Life with kids can be great and I am dedicated to guiding you towards easy, joyful parenting.

If you are dealing with behavioural issues, sleep struggles or even just time management, you are just one step away from changing it all. Pick the plan that's best for you and let's dive right in! 

Basic Parenting

This Package is Perfect for You if:

  • You have a few areas you'd like to address
  • You're committed to working with me for 6 weeks
  • You're open to making shifts in your current parenting to gain positive results
  • You sometimes feel exhausted and frustrated by your kids and parenting


  • Complete intake form to create a tailored plan to solve your challenges
  • 6 weeks of support
  • 3 (50 minute) zoom video chats or calls
  • Email support - no question goes unanswered


This Option is Perfect for You if:

  • You have a small issue or burning question
  • You want to fix a specific challenge
  • You want to try Tia's approach before making a bigger committment 


  • 50 minute video chat or phone consult
  • Pay as you go
  • No long-term commitment
  • Get your questions answered 
  • Walk away with a concrete, action plan to stop the current battle you are facing

NOTE: prices do not include tax

Still Not Convinced?

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What Clients Are Saying...

Sam H.


Our 4 year old daughter started waking in the night multiple times a night and wouldn't go back to sleep in her bed. We contacted Tia who provided us a full plan to get things back on track. Our sleeping problems were connected to other things during the day that Tia guided us on.  She was there every day we worked through the process of gradually getting our daughter to sleep in her bed, and stay there, every night. I can't say enough great things about her or the process.

Get Your Kids to Cooperate in Just 10 Minutes!

If you want your kids to listen the first time without reminders and have them cooperate without yelling, then you need to be doing Golden Time. It's a full proof formula that works every time. This is the biggest piece to completing your easier parenting puzzle and it only takes 10 minutes!