sleepless nights : ryan (5 months)

it’s been quite some time since i’ve blogged about a clients’ sleep training journey.  i thought it was well overdue and one of my past clients had a situation that i’m felt many of you sleepless moms may be able to relate to.  i hope by sharing diana’s story you will find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone and that you too, will find sleep. whether through information via this blog post or by taking the next of contacting mommy secrets directly today to request your own sleep consult   

diana is a mom of two.  a daughter whom is 4 and her little guy, ryan, whom is 5 months.  she is already back to work and contacted me because she was so overly exhausted and knew she had to do something to straighten out the current sleep situation.  when we first spoke she was honest with me by letting me know that she was creating some bad habits, but needed support to get through it.  i reassured her that through my services she will gain strong support, help creating a schedule that will work for her and her family, guidance and of course….sleep!!

due to the fact that diana is back to work, she has a full time nanny during the week.  i informed her that as long as everyone was on board with the sleep training process and 100% stuck to the program there would be success. i’ve said this before in many other posts, but i have to reiterate that the key to any sleep training method, whichever one you choose to follow, is to remain 100% committed and consistent throughout.  falling off the program will only cause confusion in your child.  this will create a set-back in your success and ultimately will draw out the time it takes to complete the process.  that being said, i had to emphasize to diana the importance of her nanny fully committing during the week so that ryan would have consistency while learning to sleep properly through the week, as well as, on the weekends with mom and dad. 

ryan’s current schedule consisted of 3 naps per day all of which were in the buggy or car with the nanny.  ryan wasn’t napping without motion and therefore, was lacking the skills needed to fall asleep unassisted.  part of diana’s concern was whether or not it was even possible to create a schedule that would work both for ryan’s sleep needs, as well as, the drop off and pick up needs of his older sister.  i assured her that it was feasible.  we simply need to alter nap times and bed times to set off the drop offs and pick ups.  i started her schedule formation by creating a consistent feeding schedule for ryan.  in order to sleep train you HAVE to be sure your child is getting enough food/calories during the daytime hours.  through my services i will help you create a feeding, napping, and bedtime sleep schedule that works for you and your child. 

not only was ryan napping on the go, he was also waking each night to feed and having a difficult time going back to sleep.  sometimes ryan was staying awake for over 2 hours after the feed.  this was very overwhelming and exhausting for diana.  she knew she could not continue this for much longer, but didn’t know how she was going to put a stop to it. diana hadn’t let ryan cry much in the past and therefore, sleep training gave her a little bit of stress and anxiety.  once we spoke she knew what to expect with my sleep training philosophy and she felt confident to step on board.  every parent has to believe in the method they choose and believe in what it has to offer.  if you go back and forth between methods or only partly believe in it, chances are you won’t have success.  there’s a good chance you may fall off track when the going gets tough.  this is the worst thing you can do for everyone.  you will waste time, energy, stress, tears, money and create confusion within your child.  you have to be ready and willing to commit to your method of choice and hold strong until the process is complete.  believe me when i say….it won’t take long if you follow the plan appropriately!  i have had success with multiple clients, my own two boys, as well as friends’ and family.  

after our first phone consultation we had a schedule organized for sleep and feeding.  i also made sure diana had “set the stage” for proper sleep.  it’s important to have the room set in a soothing and sleep friendly environment.  for example, calm, dark, noise maker, crib without toys or over stimulating props, etc.  i will help you create this for your home as well, if you are concerned the environment is having an effect on how your baby is currently sleeping. we are now we are ready to begin and you will be thrilled to see the success that occurs in just 2 weeks time!! 

follow mommy secrets by clicking here and get the latest posts direct and find out more about diana and ryan in a future post titled “catching your zzz’s : ryan (5 months) sleeps!!  you won’t want to miss it!!


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