catching your zzz’s : ryan (5 months) sleeps

well, i’m back to give you the final synopses of diana and ryan’s sleep training.  for all my followers, readers, and anyone else who happens to stop by i think you will be thrilled to know that once again mommy secrets’ sleep training has been a success.  i’m happy to say that ryan is no longer feeding in the night, naps 2 solid naps each day in his crib, without motion.  no more car naps, buggy naps and no more 3rd cat nap in the evening. i love when my clients see results and have a sleeping baby!

diana worked very hard to be consistent and committed to the process throughout it’s entirety.  we had a little bit of a rough start with a hurdle which involved trying to get her nanny on board.  her nanny was very skeptical in the beginning and really didn’t want to try the process at all.  diana did her best to explain the importance of sticking to the process in order to get ryan’s sleep routine in place.  once we had the whole crew in agreement, everything started to fall into place. 

with the nap and bedtime time schedule that i had put into place for them, the nanny and diana worked very to hard to do the pick ups and drop offs of her older daughter quickly in order to make it home for ryan’s nap routine.  they were able to make that work so that they could be consistent in training ryan how to nap properly and help give him cues when naps were going to occur.  by always napping in the same environment ryan didn’t have any suprises when naptime was going to take palce.  ryan did have some tears with nap training, but overall he settled into his naps fairly well.  they were able to drop the 3rd nap and create an earlier bedtime.   prior to sleep training, ryan was waking early in the am’s and i let diana know that an earlier bedtime may help create a later wake time (sleep equals sleep!!!). over time, if she found that didn’t work for ryan than we would move his bedtime a bit later once he was consistently napping and able to stay awake awhile longer in the evenings.  for diana she found that ryan was still wanting an earlier bedtime, which was around 6 or 6:30pm.  with time he kept the early bedtime and started to wake later in the mornings.  when i say later i don’t mean 8 am, but rather he was waking sometime between 6-7 am and no longer in the 5 o’clock hour! 

diana’s biggest struggle was and still is… the one single night waking.  fortunately, ryan is no longer feeding in the night, which he was doing before and i helped her break this habit.  but, unfortunately the habit of waking once during the night for diana to come in to soothe him is still in motion.  this is where, you, the parent have to take charge.  i know tears are no fun.  i’ve been there myself (twice) but sometimes you have to follow your gut and do what you feel is right.  if you aren’t ready to break that last waking and want to continue to go in to soothe, that is entirely up to you.  when you hit the wall, you will know what to do and be ready to do it.  i have no problem with my clients doing what they feel comfortable with.  it is your baby and ultimately your choice.  i give the knowledge, support and information needed to get you to where you want to be in the end and you then can do what you want with it. 

all that being said ryan is sleeping in his crib (no random nights of him in her bed), no night feeds, 2 consistent naps, and an organzied schedule that works for ryan’s sleep schedule and his entire family’s daily lives! the family is catching thier zzz’s and when i know when diana is finally ready to conquer that last hump she will be sleeping 12 hours a night as well!!  

a big thank you to my clients for all their hard work, strength, and amazing work in teaching their little ones to sleep properly.  a thank you for giving them the life-long sleep skills that every child deserves to be taught!! if anyone is in need of sleep help, please don’t hesitate to contact mommy secrets today and request a sleep consult!!  you all deserve to sleep too!!

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