5 Steps To STOP Bedtime Stalling

5 Steps To STOP Bedtime Stalling

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Do you live with a professional bedtime staller extraordinaire? Is your toddler or child the king or queen of bedtime stalling? If you find yourself starting bedtime, and before you know it, over an hour has passed and your child is still not in bed, then I am here to tell you that you have a professional staller on your hands.

It’s time to dive in, face this head on and get to the roots of this problem. If you dread bedtime because you know it’s going to drag on forever, then now’s your time to make a positive change. It’s totally realistic for you to have a quick and easy bedtime routine so you can say your goodnights one time and one time only. Once you see how easy it can actually be, you will wonder why you didn’t start this process sooner. Think of all the time you can spend in the evenings sipping a glass of vino and chatting with your partner. Having a little YOU time all while your kiddies are sound asleep dreaming. Sounds dreamy, right?

Well, you’re in luck! The bedtime stalling extraordinaire is about to be wiped out! You are going to follow these 5 simple steps and put an end to the extreme bedtime stalls! From now on, bedtime will be over and done in 30 minutes and you will find yourself sitting back, feet up and relaxing!


 Let’s break these down so you can understand the importance of all 5 steps.

     1. Set Up A Consistent Bedtime Routine And Stick To It!

Pick a routine that you can stick to that is both realistic for your schedule and a reasonable time you can allot each night. Bedtime routines can be anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour depending on what works for you. Shorter doesn’t mean better so don’t worry if your routine is quick and easy. Once you have your time frame organized, you can start piecing together the details. For example: bath, jammies, teeth brushing, 2 books, song & tuck in.

      2. Create A Chart That Clearly States The Routine And Don’t Waiver. 

With your child create a chart that clearly states your new bedtime routine.  This article I wrote for Pediatrician – Dr. Dina Kulik helps explain the positives of using charts – Charts For Kids, A Child’s Best Friend. Make it age appropriate and hang it somewhere they can reference it while the routines are being formed. I love www.iheartorganzing.com for fun free printable charts! Creating charts with your kids helps give them a sense of ownership and makes them feel more accountable. It will work in your favor – trust me!

     3. No Distractions From Cell Phones Or Anything Else During The Routine.

Begin and end the routine without distractions. Don’t bring your mobile device with you to read books. Give them your undivided attention and make them feel important. If you do this they will be more apt to cooperate with new routine. Make this time a special time for the two of you to connect, bond and build your parent-child relationship.

     4. Don’t Rush Your Child – Start On Time

If you rush your child and are on them constantly to hurry up they will feel pressured and unimportant. Don’t rush and nag for them to brush their teeth or to hurry up and get a move on. If you are reading their book too quickly and skipping pages to get through it- they will notice. Once they notice you are rushing the routine, they will begin to feel slided. If they feel slided, they will feel unimportant. This causes them to feel that their attention needs were NOT met and they will begin to use their stall tactics. They will need one more drink, one more book, and one more song. It’s your classic “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” So…don’t rush them. If you want them to follow the new routine, then you need to hold up your end of the bargain and make time for them. It’s a two way street!

     5. Consistency Each And Every Night

Be consistent 100% of the time! Once you have a clear and easy bedtime routine going, it is okay to waiver from the routine from time to time. But, while you are training and breaking old habits you MUST remain consistent or you will create more stalling. They won’t believe the new routine is concrete and they will try to make rules of their own! Make sure your child trusts you and what you say. Be consistent!

Success Requires All 5 Steps

All 5 steps need to be done in order to have success. The stalling won’t disappear overnight but stick with it and you will be thrilled with the positive changes you see. Your child will feel more secure in that he/she will know your expectations and in turn will know how to please you – which happens to be your child’s ultimate goal in life! If you are having trouble with kids sleeping through the night or staying in bed, then please reach out for further information. Sleep and bedtime don’t have to be a struggle! To learn more about When Is The RIGHT Time To Sleep Train click here.



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