All Eyes On You

Father and daughter cleaning in the kitchen, sweep floor at home, man little girl family
Father and daughter cleaning in the kitchen, sweep floor at home, man little girl family

Who would have known that when we became parents we also became our child’s #1 role model.  We became the people whom our children rely on for so much from meeting basic needs, teaching the ways of the world, and with all this we do it through our example.  OUR KIDS ARE WATCHING US AND LISTENING TO US CONSTANTLY!  ALL EYES ARE ON US ALL THE TIME!

This whole parenting thing can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.  After all, we are all human and all make mistakes.  It’s not humanly possible to be “perfect” all the time.  So, how do we be that positive role model for our kids when we are human and make mistakes?  How do we teach them to behave in the quote- unquote “right way” when we can’t even do this all the time?  These are loaded questions but they easily break down into 2 major points:

  1. Lead by example the best you can
  2. Admit your mistakes to your kids 

When we try our best to practice what we preach to our kids, we are leading a positive example.  We show them that our words have meaning and we show them how important it is for us to act, behave and carry ourselves properly.  We more often then not don’t even realize what we are doing and the impact it has on our kids.  Lets take a look below at some examples to show how powerful this can be.

You tell your kids that they need to tidy up after themselves and keep their rooms clean, but you leave clothes sprayed out all over your bedroom floor.

You tell your kids to speak respectfully and that poor language and bad words are absolutely forbidden and not okay, but you swear or speak rudely in front of them. 

You tell your kids they need to eat healthy and make good food choices, but you are eating fast food or bags of chips, cookies and snacks. 

In all of these examples you are not leading by example which tells your kids that your words don’t truly have meaning or what you’re asking them to do must not be important because you don’t do do it.  It also isn’t fair to ask your kids to do one thing and don’t do it yourself.  I know you are thinking right now, “hey, but I’m the adult here and can do what I want.”  Yes, you are the adult, but if you want your kids to show respect, feel capable and significant in your home than you need to treat them with the same respect you expect of them.  You do this by practicing what you preach!

We are all going to slip up from time to time and MAKE MISTAKES!  That’s okay!  DON’T beat yourself up but DO acknowledge your mistakes and DO apologize for them.  Recognizing your mistakes shows your kids that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them and try to come up with solutions to keep them from re-occurring again in the future.

Remember that ALL EYES ARE ON YOU!  If you can try to use these 2 Role Model Reminders you will see your kids wanting to cooperate and work with you.  You will see less rebellious behaviours and less heels digging in.  If you want to parent fairly to teach your kids true respect than practice what you preach!  Remember to lead by example and admit to your faults.


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