Avoid Halloween Candy Battles

Avoid Halloween Candy Battles

It’s that time of year again when your kids are getting super pumped, overly excited and ramped to the nines! Halloween is just around the corner and before you know it there will be an abundance of candy to add to the already formed craze.  Once the candy enters your home how will you avoid the Halloween candy battles?

How To Keep Kids From Eating Too Much Candy?

I really hate to tell you this, but the trick in the treat is to not micro manage. If you’re concerned about every single piece of candy your child wants to enjoy and are fearful that your kids will eat too much candy, chances are you are asking for Halloween candy battles. If you want to avoid Halloween candy battles and teach your kids to not eat too much candy, then you will have to learn to take a step back. I know, it sounds easier than it is, but the truth is, if you can step back and give your kids opportunities to manage their own Halloween treats, they will sooner learn how much is too much.

Set The Stage For Candy Independence

Talk with your kids ahead of Halloween about your plans for this years Trick-or-Treating candy. Let them know that you trust them to manage their own treats. You would like them to have what they feel is a good amount. You might encourage them kindly to slow down or stop, but do know, that it’s their choice to continue eating or not. This choice gives your child power and by giving power to your kids it automatically decreases the need for a battle. When your kids begins to dive in and eat, eat, and eat, take a deep breath, offer kind words of encouragement, but don’t tell them to stop. Remember, they are in charge of how much to eat and it’s an important life lesson.

This lesson will carry over throughout the year at birthday parties, holidays and friends houses. Let’s be honest, we won’t always be there to tell them what to do. Your goal as parents is to teach them self-regulation and management skills. This way, when you are not around, they have the skills to care for themselves. Heck, Halloween is only one night a year, let them enjoy!

Mindful Eating; Candy Dump and Sort

Have fun with your kids! Spend time dumping and sorting all their goods. This is a great time for you to check their candy to be sure all of them are securely wrapped and safe to eat. Watching for allergies as well. Include your kids in this process and use this an opportunity to talk about Halloween safety and managing their own health and allergies. When you sort the candy you can continue conversations around:

“What are your favorite candies?”

“Which ones are you most excited to eat first?”

“Are there any you want to trade with your siblings?”

All of this choice gives them power and control in a positive way. It also helps aid in the development of mindful eating skills. Helping them recognize when and what they are eating. Ask them if they have a plan as to which ones they feel they’d like to eat tonight. Then let them be!

What If My Child Gets Sick?

Another great question! This is a very common concern amongst parenting during this candy-filled time of year. If you trust in your ability to take a step back to give your child an opportunity to learn, I can’t guarantee they won’t get sick from over-indulging. What I can guarantee you is, that this won’t happen again! Once your kids realize they are in control of their own candy and that you aren’t there to micro-manage them, they may go hog wild! But, if the little piggy eats too much Halloween candy and gets sick, they will have learned an amazing life lesson. “How much is too much for my own body.” You can’t teach your kids this lesson, they must learn these lessons on their own. This is a real-life Natural Consequence that your kids need you to let them learn. Stop all candy and mealtime battles with this easy to follow guide! 

Give Your Kids Happy Halloween Memories

Let’s all be honest, you all loved Halloween as kids, right? Dressing up, going out in the dark, staying up late and coming home with a huge sack of candy! These are memories that stick with us for life. Make Halloween a fun and memorable night for you kids. Let’s avoid Halloween candy battles and simply enjoy, laugh and endulge! Life is short, your kids grow up too fast and too much candy one night of the year isn’t something to battle over!

Happy Halloween and have fun Trick-or- Treating with your little goblins, witches, princesses and clowns!

Leave a comment below sharing what your kids are dressing as this year- I’d love to see pics!

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