been MIA, but here’s why!!

sorry i haven’t had a post in a few days, i’ve been super busy helping many moms sleep train their little ones!  it’s very exciting to see the major transformations in their sleep.  therefore in this post you will find how i am going to document the stories so you can follow along and learn as we go!

i’m sure everyone agrees that when you are getting up in the night to feed, rock, bounce, walk, sshh, or whatever it is that you do to try and make your baby go back to sleep, it only can be done for so long before you hit the wall!  the wall that hits you like a mack truck!  the wall that tells you that you just can’t do this for another single night or you might just kill someone!!  needless to say things aren’t looking good for your husband at this point in time 😉

 in the past few months i have been helping many people get over this wall.  when you hit the wall you usually do something about it.  whether you read a book about sleep training, take a class or hire a sleep doula.  the point is you do something!  this is a good thing, because you know that it is time.  most likely your child is more than ready and that’s another reason you are so frustrated, as you know they are capable and only playing games with you, as they often do.  games that they win…until now!

 i am going to blog about the people i help and tell you about their sleep troubles. also i will post about how i have helped them finally catch their zzz’s!  so here’s how you will know when these stories surface.  while reading my blog if you come across a post titled…

 sleepless nights :  ______________

you know i will be explaining a non-fiction (true) story about a family i am working with.  i will tell you about the issues and then you can watch for updates and resolutions to the sleep problems previously discussed.   titled….

 catching your zzz’s : ______________

 the blank space on each title is where i will tell you the infant’s name and age. 

 so…..keep reading and watching for real-life stories about babies who learn to finally sleep!!  i will give you mommy secrets and tips along the way!!  You don’t want to miss this!!




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