Connect With Your Kids – Put An End To Misbehaviours

Father and son playing chess.
Father and son playing chess.

“I feel like I am connected with my kids.  I feel like I spend good quality time with them.  I feel like I am present and part of their world.”  Parents tell me this all the time, but once we dig deep into their daily routines and patterns they soon realize that they haven’t actually connected.    The above statements are from our perspective and now it’s important to get your child’s perspective.  Not often in our journey of parenthood will our perspectives line up and parallel our kids’.  In more cases than not, we will come to the table with two opposite perspectives.  Once we recognize that we won’t often see scenarios and situations from the same angle, it helps us understand our kids that much more.  With this understanding comes compassion, security and most importantly an opportunity to connect.  A chance for you to see your kids for who they really are and learn about what’s important to them.  Understanding our kids shows them that we respect them and their needs.  They see that we are trying to see things from their eyes and stand in their shoes.  It’s at this moment where you take your chance to CONNECT!

Connection with our kids takes time and commitment.  It takes a true effort and consistency. It’s not something that happens over-night or with one outing or activity.  It’s an accumulation of moments where we make time to create connectable moments.  To do this and build this trust so our kids can be open to connect, it’s important to set time apart each day to focus on our kids and our emotional connection together.  I have a simple tool for you to use to help you accomplish this.  The way we do this is with Golden Time.  Golden time is the #1 parenting tool.  It’s your way to prevent the misbehaviours and connect all at once.  It helps you to parent proactively and less reactively.  No one wants to be constantly nagging at their kids.  With Golden Time you are setting the stage for your kids to feel good.  Jane Nelson – Founder of Positive Discipline states: “When kids feel better they will do better.”  Therefore, Golden Time is your double whammy parenting tool!  The big kahuna – Prevents misbehaviours and increases parent-child connections!  It will be your best friend for these reasons and more.  When you implement Golden Time into your daily schedule, you will see misbehaviours decreasing before your eyes.  You will see your kids begin to gain confidence and self-worth.  You will notice your kids being more cooperative and interested in helping around the house.  You will wonder why you didn’t start Golden Time sooner.


Don’t worry, it won’t take more than 10 minutes/2 times per day.  Create times where you know you can be consistent and reliable to follow through with your Golden Time commitment with your kids.  For example: you know you will be putting your kids to bed, so why not make it a special Golden Time bedtime routine/tuck in.  Find small moments where you and your child are truly together and connecting.  For more information on consistency in parenting please read “Successful Parenting Starts With Consistency”

Consistency and connection are going to be two of your most effective parenting tools.  If you are looking for more information on how to help current mealtime struggles, bedtime battles, constant refusals and power struggles then I’m fairly certain it’s time to deepen your parent-child connection.  It’s time to be consistent with your Golden Time and implement your special time set aside each and every day.  Once you do this you will notice on days where you can’t get to your Golden Time the negative behaviours begin to show their faces again.  Commit with consistency and you will be so happy you did!  Guess who else will be happy too?? —-your kids!!!!

For more information on Golden Time and how to implement this tool, amongst others, in your home contact me today – Parent Coaching! Let’s get your connections stronger and create a more positive parenting experience. You won’t regret it!


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