cry it out (CIO)…not exactly!!

it seems like many mommies have emailed recently with a similar comment.  they have babies who sometimes sleep, but not always.  sleep through the night, but not always.  nap, but not always.  they all say to me “i’ve tried the CRY IT OUT (CIO) method, but nothing seems to work!”  this always hits home with me and a very large red flag goes up.  the comments regarding being a good sleeper some of the time and the fact they have given CIO a shot shows me a great deal of inconsistency regarding teaching their little ones to sleep.  i am not bagging any of you moms who have this same situation or one similar.  i am only here to help and since this seems to be a very common issue lately, i thought i would address a few things that will hopefully help or get you headed on the right path.

first off and most importantly you need to pick one method to teach your little one to sleep and stick to it!! consistency is key!  trying one method for a couple days, switching to another because you don’t see immediate results, giving up and trying again later, are all confusing for your baby. 

you need to believe it what method you try.  it is never easy to sleep train as you know there will most likely, but no always, be some form of tears.  that being said do you research and find one that suits you best and that rings true to you.  begin when you are ready and don’t go back!!  remember you must stick to it!!

in regards to the cry it out method (CIO) or otherwise known as ferberizing is not my where my heart is in terms of a method for teaching your little one to sleep, although i do believe if stuck to, it would work.  my method does involve letting your child be on their own where they may or may not cry.  if they do cry, it is a controlled crying interval method where you, the parents, and myself work together to create a system to your comfort level. which allows you to reassure your child that you are there and love them throughout this process.   my clients do the training with my support and guidance.  this gives them comfort and reassurance that i am here via email and phone to answer any questions or help with any blurps that may arise.  they are also reassured as parents because they are doing the work.  they will learn the ins and outs of how their child falls asleep, what they do if they wake, and more importantly how to get them back on proper sleep if they digress during developmental milestones, travel, sickness, teething and more.  babies/kids often digress in sleep for one reason or another at one point in time.  instead of feeling like someone else has to come back and help you re-sleep train i will empower you and make you feel secure in your abilities and knowledge to do it on your own! if you are interested in my services please click this link and start sleeping today!!  Request a Sleep Consult

i hope some of this information finds you will help you in some way whether or not i get to work with you in the future…i hope you all find your much deserved zzz’s!  parenting is parenting and not sleeping doesn’t have to be part of the job!!!

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