I'm so excited for our upcoming call. I want to further understand your parenting struggles so I can offer guidance in the best way possible.
In order to make the most of our time together, please be ready with a notepad and paper. This is step 1 in making parenting easier for you!
Talk to you soon!

In the meantime, here are some of my most popular blog posts to help you along this journey

5 Steps To STOP Bedtime Stalling

5 Steps To STOP Bedtime Stalling Do you live with a professional bedtime staller extraordinaire? Is your toddler or child the king or queen of bedtime stalling? If you find yourself starting bedtime, and before you know it, over an hour has passed and your child is still not in bed, then I am here

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5 Ways To Help Build Your Child’s Independence

Some days as a parent, I find myself questioning whether or not I’m doing my absolute best job. Am I being patient enough? Attentive enough? Am I helping them grow into their best self? Am I succeeding as a parent, failing or falling somewhere in the middle? Then I STOP! I STOP all the questioning,

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3 Simple Steps To Get September School Ready

(photo cred: Renee Lara) Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve all had a fantastic, safe, happy and healthy Summer.  Hopefully you’ve had the chance to spend some great family time together.  I haven’t blogged in quite some time as my website is still in the middle of a make-over.  Hopefully you’ve been following me on Facebook and

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5 Tips To Help You Get Your Kids School Ready

If you are anything like me, then you love the daily routines, structure and predictability that comes along with schedules.  But, on the other hand there’s something so great about the Summer when these routines and schedules can be loosened up.  It’s the ease of the summer days and not knowing exactly what is on

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3 Tantrum Stopping Strategies To Start Using Today

           It’s one of those days where it feels like you just can’t win. It’s been battle after battle with your toddler/child and no matter what the incident it ends in a similar way.  Kicking, screaming, red in the face squealing tantrums, which leave you standing there in complete awe. Wondering,

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A Well-Behaved Child Is A Disciplined Child

People often have negative thoughts when they hear the word ‘discipline.’  They have this perspective that puts discipline in a black cloud.  The confusion in our world today is that people think there are only two types of parenting: authoritative and permissive.  Authoritative parenting is parenting where, you the parent, over-power your child.  It’s a

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Get Your Kids to Cooperate in Just 10 Minutes!

If you want your kids to listen the first time without reminders and have them cooperate without yelling, then you need to be doing Golden Time. It's a full proof formula that works every time. This is the biggest piece to completing your easier parenting puzzle and it only takes 10 minutes!