do your kids frustrate you??

i’m sure the answer to this question is yes for all of us at one point or another.  the thing is there are ways to make it so the answer is yes a heck of a lot less!  through my parenting and teaching i have discovered many organizational tips to help me get through my days with very minor frustrations, if not any, a lot of the time.  i have to say that organization is the key.  without this you are a complete wreck and so are your kids. 

kids thrive on schedules and routines.  without organization you can’t successfully have either of these things.  organization starts with you doing things for you kids such as meal prep, making baby food, prepping bottles, laying out bedtime clothes, etc before they need you.  if you wait for them to need you or need these things, amongst others, than it is already too late.  you have hungry, tired kids whom are crying, yelling, and/or completely melting down.  along with this comes your frustration.  unfortunately, the root of the problem here isn’t the kids, but rather, you!  the bad news is that it’s your issue.  the good news is now you can fix it!  this is a simple issue to fix.  it just takes some time, thought and dedication.  you need to be 1, sometimes 2, steps ahead of your little ones.  when you know post nap your baby needs a bottle, than have the bottle warming in advance.  if you know your little one needs a nap sooner than later, don’t rush out for one last errand.  if you lay out their meals in the fridge before meal time it is not only ready when needed, but also allows you time to spend with your kids.  if you try to do too much “stuff” when your kids are with you and want your attention it makes them frustrated and in turn you frustrated! 

by being more organized, planning in advance, and working to be 1 step ahead you will decrease behaviour issues and therefore decrease your frustration throughout the day.  kids are and can be so enjoyable if you plan your day accordingly.  they are quite easy to please if you pay attention to their needs and wants.  ultimately, they want you!  they want to spend time with you and they want your undivided attention.  so start getting more organized today and stop getting frustrated!

happy planning = happy parenting



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  1. Right on, Tia. That's the advice I've given other frustrated or new parents myself. You see so many parents out and about with upset kids. It's so much better to plan around the kids' natural schedules. It's only a few years that a mom has to do this and those years are some of the best in the relationship with your children. Funny, though: I drive everyone in my family crazy by always thinking six steps ahead and planning for potential trouble. Ha!Ha! It's in my blood now. I'll tell you another thing: do I ever wish you had been nearby when my babies were small – you have got the sleep thing down perfect! Hugs to you and those cute little bambinos of yours (and you can give Chris a big hug from me, too, when he gets home). I LOVE seeing your pictures.

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