How To Get A Toddler To Sleep….Easily! [In Two Weeks or Less]

Get Your Toddler To Sleep Easily

Bedtime can be a very stressful time for parents if your toddler or child are resisting. Whether your toddler is refusing to listen, pulling out all the stops to avoid going to bed or they need you to soothe them to sleep, it can cause a lot of anxiety. Parents can feel stressed and overwhelmed by nightly bedtime if it's taking multiple hours to calm your little ones to sleep.

Do you find it difficult to get your toddler to sleep?

If you answered "YES," keep reading and find out how you can help your toddler to sleep easily in two weeks or less!

Is Your Toddler not Sleeping and Battling Bedtime?

Bedtime battles are super common amongst families. Reasons for this are due to the load of parent guilt you hold on your shoulders, strong emotional ties to your kids and how invested you are to your toddler getting a good night's sleep. You strive to get your child to sleep easily, but no matter what you do nothing seems to work. In fact, the bedtime battles just seem to escalate and get worse. Once you're in this cycle of battling bedtime nightly, it's often hard to find your way out. Your exhaustion reaches new heights and through all the crying, screaming and tantrums, your child seems to have transformed into an entirely unrecognizable being. Let's fix all of this and help your toddler sleep easily in 2 weeks or less!

Get Your Toddler To Sleep Easily In 5 Steps

  1. Create a solid and consistent bedtime routine

  2. Develop clear bedtime boundaries

  3. Have a sleep action plan that you feel good about

  4. Remain consistent - follow through

  5. Sleep teach your plan for naps and bedtime simultaneously


1) Create a Solid and Consistent Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines are your child's way of knowing what to expect. Have you ever wondered why your child behaves so well at school or in organized play groups? ROUTINES! The key to getting your toddler to sleep easily is to have clear and consistent bedtime routines. I recommend using a visual bedtime chart to help your child see and learn what's expected. This is simple, clear and easy way to create consistency at bedtime. Not to mention it helps decrease bedtime stalling, game playing and negotiations!

2) Develop Clear Bedtime Boundaries

Decide what boundaries are important to you around bedtime. Be sure these are shown on your chart. For example; if your toddler is constantly playing "king of negotiations" and wants "just one more book" then one of your boundaries at bedtime might be "two books." Be sure your bedtime chart reflects your boundary by clearing stating "two books." Please click here to download by TOP 5 CHARTS.

3) Have a Sleep Action Plan You Feel Good About

You must have a plan! Get yourself organized and ready. You can't go into helping your toddler sleep easily without a clear action plan. Your sleep plan needs to be one that you feel good about. If you are choosing to try 'cry it out' and you don't feel good about that method, DON'T do it! I can guarantee you will try it for one, maybe two nights, and cave. Your emotional ties and guilt will go into overdrive and shut down your plan. This just makes sleep for your toddler more difficult. Don't start until you have a sleep action plan that you feel good about. You can teach your toddler to sleep easily without tears. It can be gentle, supportive and allow you to guide them along the way. Doesn't that sound good?

If you want a sleep action plan book your complimentary discovery call and let's chat!

4) Remain Consistent and Follow Through

Once you start, don't stop! Follow whatever plan you decided to go with and remain as consistent as possible. Your toddler will push the limits and boundaries. Pushing boundaries is one of your child's pre-determined jobs and you can guarantee they will do their best to test you! By setting clear, firm boundaries, remaining consistent and following through, you will see results quickly.

I'm currently working with a family who has a 4 year old, whose bedtime was taking up to three hours a night. He was playing games, throwing tantrums and refusing to stay in bed. His parents had hit their breaking point and decided to commit to working with me to get some sleep. They couldn't take the stress, anxiety or pressure any longer. They were at the point where they dreaded bedtime and were resenting parenting. Within 10 days they were feeling a "million times better about bedtime and parenting." If you can relate, know this can all be fixed in 2 weeks or less!

5) Teach Your Sleep Plan for Naps and Bedtime

If your toddler or child is still napping and taking afternoon shluffs, be sure to sleep teach for naps and bedtime simultaneously. This increases your consistency and helps your child learn your sleep boundaries. If you let your child sleep on the go in the car or stroller and then want your toddler to fall asleep independently for bedtime, it won't happen! This is too confusing and will backfire. Sleep teach when you are good and ready to commit and go all in. This is where you will see positive results fast!

Get Your Toddler To Sleep Easily in 2 Weeks or Less

Start today and sleep tomorrow! It can happen and will be life changing. You can have a high quality life with kids. Eat dinner with your partner in the evenings while your kids peacefully sleep and get to the point where bedtime is an enjoyable time for you and your toddler. Soon bedtime will be the best part of your day after you follow the steps to help your toddler sleep easily!

Why would you continue to battle out bedtimes when you could all be sleeping in 2 weeks or less?! Your success and happy parenting matters to me!

Happy kids make happy families and happy families SLEEP!



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