good old fashioned family time

there really is nothing better than good old fashioned family time.  the problem is, it seems harder to come by in this day and age.  with all the newest and latest technology, television, schedules, over-programmed kids, working parents and much more it seems almost impossible to get back to the roots and just spend time together.  time chatting with your kids.  time playing with your kids.  time snuggling and reading with your kids.  time playing board games and eating meals together.  all of these things seem like ordinary activities, but oddly enough they don’t happen in many households or if they do happen it’s not often.  rather we (meaning society in general) rush by one another in the mornings trying to get organized for the day. we race from activity to activity from drop offs to pick ups.  we feed one kid and then other later.  we try to just get through the day using our survival skills and ready for the next.  during these crazy days we often forget the importance of “good old fashioned family time!” 

to remain a strong family you have to spend time together.  whether you do that daily or not is up to you and how your household is ran and what is possible with jobs, childcare, etc.  you have to do your best and nothing more is expected of you.  just remember to try your best to create, make, and stick to scheduled family time.  vacations are good for this, but also a “stay-cation” works fantastic.  make a friday night ritual for family dinner and game night.  make at least one meal a day, a family meal.  no television or distractions.  simple food and chatting.  ask you kids questions about life.  draw them into the conversation.  this is so good for family bonding, mental health, and is extremely educational in regards to proper manners, vocabulary and conversation skills.  focus on your kids when you have the opportunity and make the most of it.  try to turn phones off during your “family times”  and mostly remember to enjoy it!!!

i bring this issue up because we just got back from our family holiday and it brought to my attention the ease of which my children seemed.  they were so relaxed knowing that daddy wasn’t off to work each day.  that we were all together everyday to do activities and simply be together.  we had meals together, boat rides, ice creams, play dates at friends houses, swimming and basically family, family, family time!  it was so nice to not be rushed around and so good for all of us!!  after all, family is the most important thing in our lives.  our children are our world, or at least they are mine, and you never know what tomorrow will bring!  make the most of each and every day!! love your family and love the time you get to spend together!  i know i do!!!

by the way, this is off topic but i should mention how sorry i am to have not posted in quite some time!  the truth is i had family visiting, was away on holiday, been busy helping many mommies sleep train and i’ve also been busy reading the 50 shades of gray trilogy! see, i am just a normal mom!!  i promise to get back on my regular posts, i haven’t forgotten about all of you!!

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