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just as we are constantly reinforcing the importance of literacy and reading with and to our little ones, it’s just as important that we read and read some more ourselves!  of course, we all need to take some time and just read to relax but, it’s also good to freshen up on our parenting by reading some of the great resources that are out there for all of us!  every once in awhile i find it very helpful to find a parenting book that discusses whatever issue(s) i feel our family is going through.  for example: back talking, parent/child struggles, etc.  every child and family has certain phases that come and go.  it’s how you deal with these issues and phases that help you get through them in a less painful way.  the rate at which they disappear and get you back to your normal state is reliant on how you choose to deal with it.

books, books and more books are where i turn!  no, we are not perfect.  yes, we do have our moments and our issues.  we are human!  we are parents!  all learning, just the same as every other parent, as we go.   it’s like a roller coaster ride.  never knowing what turn, dip, climb, or massive drop is about to come.  our kids leave us on the constantly at the edge of our seat and are waiting for us to guide them in the proper way.  they are counting on us.  so do your homework and read when you feel like something is a struggle.  changing the way YOU are dealing will something will help you erase that struggle and get to the bottom of what’s really the issue. remember your kids are acting in a certain way because of something YOU are doing.  the root of their behaviour stems from something that they need from YOU!  for example:  they are acting out in an angry manner.  it’s important that YOU step back and look at the situation as a hole.  ask questions about how your child got here and back track to figure out what really happened.  then step in and deal with it in a proper manner.  for more information and tips about this issue and more please see the book below.

recently i read a parenting book that resonated with me on many levels.  it was an easy read and super clear.  i would recommend it to anyone just as a way to open your eyes to new ideas and knowledge about your kids and family.  the book is titled ‘Toddler Rules’ by Jo Frost.  you know…nanny 911 from London!  i love her and she now has an amazing guide for you to have in your own home!  get your copy at Amazon today by clicking the link or go to your nearest bookstore!  it will be one of the best things you’ve done for you and your family! you’d think i was a sales rep for her, but i’m not;)

whether you need a little shake up on discipline, sleep, routines, child eating habits and more than this book will have some tips for you!  i’m definitely going to reference this book in future blog posts as there are so many useful pointers and subjects that i know my loyal followers are looking for  guidance.

my advice to you for this weekend is to get this book, start reading, and if you are as passionate about parenting as i am, you won’t want to put it down!  i love to learn knew things, especially when i know it’s helping my kids along the way!!  i hope you enjoy it and please come back to this post and comment once you’ve read it or if you’ve already read the toddler rules!  i’d love to hear what resonated with all of you and what areas you’d like me to focus on!!!  until next time, happy reading!!!


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