How I got here…

it’s hard to even know where to begin but i guess i’ll just start at the beginning.  i had hudson january 24, 2009 and he was my first.  needless to say i was going into this blindly besides reading a book on sleep training, what to expect when you’re expecting and taking my pre-natal course at the hospital. all of these things help in some way or another i’m sure but, lets face it…bringing home the baby is an entirely different entity. 

i thought things were going well until i finally realized around week 2 that i couldn’t put him down for even one second.  he was crying to be held during showers, making coffees, and anything else you can imagine.  i thought this was normal until later, around 10 weeks, when i realized it was probably my fault why he was this way.  lets go back to his first few weeks….in a nutshell i never put him down when we brought him home.  either my husband or i were holding him constantly, during his awake time, sleep time or play time.  we loved him so much and didn’t have any other children so why wouldn’t we hold him all the time?  i know the reason why now and i will share all these secrets as you continue to read my blog!  

throughout my struggles, trials and experiences with both of my boys, i have learned so much.  during these past few years many friends, friends of friends, my sister and more have asked me for my opinion and advice with their babies sleep issues and how to manage and discipline their toddlers.  i have helped many and found that what i have done with my boys both with sleep training and management has become a pretty polished system which makes me feel a need to share my secrets with all of you.  i hope you read on from day to day so i can answer many of your questions and share with you my entire story. all my secrets will be exposed on how i got my 4 month old, beckett to sleep through the night since 12 weeks (with very little tears) and how i manage to keep a very calm and orderly household with my 2 1/2 year old and infant!!  stay tuned…..


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  1. Love this! Some of your comments give me a chuckle. I like it that you acknowledge that life isn't perfect, parents aren't perfect and kids shouldn't be required to be perfect all the time, but you can make life much easier for everyone. Bloody diaper, been there done that! Keep it up!

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