How To Get Your Kids To Sleep [Battle Free Bedtimes]

What if you could get your kids to sleep and have battle free bedtimes?

Let’s take a look at a classic (common) bedtime scenario that’s taking place nightly across the world…

My kids always get wild right before bed

It’s once again time for your kids to go upstairs and start getting ready for bed. With each passing night you hope with every fiber of your being that they will cooperate, listen and go, but tonight is no different then every other night. Your kids refuse to turn off the TV, won’t tidy up their toys or stop playing and it’s as though a switch goes off cuing them that it’s time to run around like crazy people. Screaming, wrestling, fighting, basically doing anything and everything, but getting ready for bed!

Does this scenario ring a bell? So, let’s chat about how to get your kids to get your kids to sleep easily.

What if you could get your kids to sleep with battle free bedtimes?

Having trouble at bedtime and getting kids to sleep is one of the most common complaints clients bring to me. “How can I get my kids to sleep?”

Getting your kids to go to bed and fall asleep isn’t something that just magically happens. Of course, there are a few lucky ones who just happen to get those quote-unquote “good sleepers.” But, typically these “good sleepers” need to be taught how to go to sleep. Positive sleep habits are life long skills and will help your child grow and develop at their optimal level.

There are a variety of sleep teaching methods for parents to use, all in which will give you the end result you desire. The problem is most parents have a hard time sticking to a sleep plan because its’ too harsh, gives them too much guilt and ends with them giving in. This cycle leaves parents feeling more exhausted, more hopeless and more overwhelmed. Let’s stop there so I can tell you how you can finally teach your kids to sleep easily, gently,effectively and guilt free! Let’s get your kids to sleep with battle free bedtimes.

Does my child have to cry-it-out in order to learn how to sleep?

I work with families every day who have children 0-12 years. Therefore I have a variety sleep methods based on the child’s age, needs, family values and comfort level. No two kids or families are alike; therefore I offer a very tailored approach to get the best results in the fastest, easiest way.

Infant sleep training [cribs]

Infants often require a different form of sleep training in comparison to kids who are in “big kid beds.” With infants, there’s usually some amount of tears involved. I strive to help parents understand that your baby’s tears are their way of communicating. Not all tears are tears of neglect or need. Learning to understand your baby’s cries is very helpful when teaching infants how to fall asleep independently. You can teach your babies to fall asleep and sleep all night with limited tears where you can still

Teaching kids how to fall asleep  [big kid beds]

Teaching children the skill to go to bed and fall asleep independently in a big kid bed looks much different. Your child has this new sense of freedom when the crib no longer contains them. They have the urge to push boundaries and works to discover what limits you have around sleep and bedtime. This pushing of boundaries is part of your child’s pre-determined jobs; so don’t be surprised when this happens. The key is to have a consistent sleep action plan that you feel really good about so your don’t have to be filled with guilt or anxiety. Bedtimes can be enjoyable and battle free. Your kids can learn to fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep all night completely battle and tear free.

Sleep is the first step for easier parenting

Can I ask you a couple questions?

  • Does your child cooperate at bed time
  • Do you have to give multiple reminders
  • Is each night a battle to get your kids to go to bed
  • You are forced to lay with your kids for hours until they fall asleep
  • You spend multiple hours each night trying to conquer bedtime
  • By the end you are completely drained, wiped and filled with guilt from losing your patience

I have a solution for you to solve all of the above.…

Battle Free Bedtimes In Two Weeks Or Less

I help parents reach their bedtime goals daily by walking them through how to teach their kids to go to bed, stay in bed, fall asleep independently, and sleep all night in a feel good way. I understand that working with me 1:1 can be expensive and keeping you from solving your sleep challenges. So, I’ve created a new ONLINE COURSE to help more parents within their budget with the SAME RESULTS!

How can I avoid my child getting out of bed at night?

The sleep teaching plan I use is called ‘Step out for Sleep Success.” This plan is simple, supportive, gentle and effective. You will get your desired results without having to leave your child alone feeling scared or forced to cry it out. It’s important to have a complete sleep action plan that you feel good about. Teaching your child how to sleep isn’t the problem, but how you do it can often create a mountain out of a molehill.

Grab your gentle step-by-step sleep plan 

Over 16 years of working with families I have come to learn about your sleep battles inside and out. I know how frustrating this can be. I also know for a fact that the majority of behavior problems parents face are linked to lack of quality, quantity sleep. Once sleep problems are resolved and you teach your child how to go to sleep and sleep through the night, you will notice a drastic change (for the positive) in your child’s behavior.

Find out what clients have to say…

  • “We have a structured, loving bedtime routine and kids that actually sleep.”

Alyssa O’Banion – Portland, Oregon

  • “You’ve given our family more than I signed up for. That probably happens a lot with your clients, but it definitely happened to us.”

Allison Nelson – Connecticut

Have lifetime access to all materials, future updates and use the materials as your family grows and more kids need help to sleep! What if:

  • this course taught you how to avoid misbehaviors and increase cooperation for bedtime and all day?
  • you could strengthen your parent-child bond helping to fill your child’s emotional needs buckets?
  • What if this course had your entire family sleeping easily in two weeks or less?

How would that change your life?

I know that I couldn’t be the mom I am without proper sleep. When I don’t get my 8-9 hours I am witchy, snappy and flat out rude. I lack patience for my family and end up feeling worse.

Stop this cycle and be your best self! Grab Battle Free Bedtimes in Two Weeks or Less and save yourself time, energy and $$$.

Is this course right for you? 



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