Learn To Manage Morning Chaos


Learn To Manage Morning Chaos

can't get your kids to listen, pack their bags or get ready for school?
kid’s morning routines


Here’s a typical morning that I am sure most of you, if not all of you, can relate to. To set the stage, it’s a school day around 8am. You need to be out of the house in the next 10 minutes and your kids have not brushed their teeth, one is refusing to eat breakfast and the other won’t get dressed. Amongst this chaos, you are yelling, nagging and reminding them to get their stuff done!

“I told you to brush your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth then I am leaving you here.

Get dressed! Get dressed now! If you don’t get dressed then you’re going to school naked.

Put your coats on and grab your bags. I said LET’S GO!!!!”

My Kids Won’t Listen

Even though you’ve nagged, yelled and given numerous reminders, your kids just won’t listen. Every day you repeat the same old morning chaos! Your kids don’t get done what’s expected and you end up doing half of their duties for them just to avoid being late. The chaos is simply too much to take! After a number of reminders, raising your voice and threatening to take away their IPad for a week, you got them to brush their teeth, but one is still not fully dressed and no one has their coats and bags No matter what you do or say, you can’t get your kids to listen. This results in a morning full of power struggles and complete chaos! So, what do you do? You bail your kids out!

Stop Bailing Out Your Kids

Well, you don’t want to be late so you grab the rest of the needed attire, pick up their coats and bags and straggle out the door. Amidst the morning chaos, you once again, bail them out as a survival tactic. As you struggle to lock the front door with your hands full of all your kid’s stuff, you feel a complete hot sweaty mess. You stand there wishing more than anything that you could have a calm orderly morning. You find yourself asking the same question over and over: “why does every day have to be a repeat of this utter chaos?”

Why Does Every Day Have Repeat This Vicious Cycle?

The truth is, that every day doesn’t have to look like this. You can stop this vicious cycle and say goodbye to the morning chaos!  There is no reason for you to have to constantly nag and remind. THERE IS A SOLUTION! I have worked with families for over 15 years to solve their parenting struggles such as this. Making time now to put an end to this cycle will save you so much time in the end. Unfortunately, when we ignore our problems, they don’t get better, but rather they grow and become harder to deal with.

In fact, the truth is, the more you continue to remind your kids, the more your kids will forget.There is no reason for your kids to feel the need to remember, because they know you will either remind them 20 times over to do it or in the end you will do if for them. When you grab the extra clothes, coats and bags, your actions are telling your kids that they don’t need to be responsible for themselves. Your actions also tell them that you don’t feel they are capable of doing it independently. You have taught your kids to forget, ignore and leave everything to you. “Shoot, now what?”

You Don’t Have To Live Like This

Although you might be feeling badly, don’t, because you’re not alone and there are solutions. Many, many parents can relate to this scenario and they too, are repeating each morning in chaos. You are not alone! Many households live their lives repeating this cycle – fighting the same battle day in and day out. The truth is, you don’t have to live like this. You can stop the battle, stop the reminders, stop the yelling and actually create a smooth, calm morning that flows with ease.

You don’t have to spend another morning living in chaos! Sure, you’re rolling your eyes at me right now and thinking “yeah, right?” I am not lying to you…it’s 100% the truth!  With  the right tools and a little work upfront  your kids can learn to be responsible for themselves. Your kids need clear, firm boundaries. Set limits in advance that are fair and reasonable to help your kids build confidence and success.

Set The Stage For Natural Consequences

Once you set the stage properly, you are ready for your children to learn from Natural Consequences. Your child will learn that if they don’t brush their teeth, they end up with cavities or maybe you won’t serve sweets (Logical Consequence). Your kids will learn that if they don’t get dressed on time, they will have to go to school in their jammies. If they forget their coats, they will be cold or not allowed to go out for recess. Let Natural Consequences do the work. As you can see, all you have to do now is let the the Natural Consequences play out by following through. These consequences can be used any time where life can be the teacher. The best part is you’re not the bad guy and there’s no room for negotiating.

Let Life Be The Teacher 

Once your kids witness these things first hand the lessons will be learned – life long lessons with lasting effects. Natural Consequences will be life’s teacher and they will teach them lessons that will personally affect them. No longer will you have to be the bad guy or bail them out. With Natural Consequences your child will develop a strong sense of independence and self-worth, which will help fill up their Power Bucket (daily need for power to avoid misbehavior). They will feel good about who they are and their contributions to your family and their world. This will increase their confidence and build self-esteem. Now, you can finally walk out of the door relaxed, in peace and enjoying each morning with your kids! No more morning chaos!  Time is limited – Don’t waste your time battling.


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Stop spinning on that wheel with empty threats and punishments that just backfire. Instead get yourself equipped to set up fair natural and logical consequences so your kids will listen and stop the unwanted behavior.


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