Look Who’s Boss!

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Do you ever get sick of all the nagging and complaining?  Being constantly on your kids for things they need to do?  Sick of hearing your voice?  Feeling like you’re always the bad guy?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then this post is for you!  READ ON!!!

From time to time we all find ourselves in some sort of rut.  Whether it’s personal, in our relationship, or parenting.  This is normal and you’re not alone.  There are so many parents out there, just like you, that feel a bit overwhelmed or defeated by the particular rut they have fallen in.  Don’t get too discouraged and do know that there is always a way out.  I often have parents tell me how bad they feel about the way they’ve acted towards their children.  Feelings of guilt, shame, and negativity fill them.  I am here to tell you again, that you are not alone and together we can fix this.

Working one on one with parents I help them set up routines, schedules and boundaries so that they can climb on out of this rut.  It’s time for you to join them and start having feelings of happiness, love and positivity when it comes to parenting.  Parenting doesn’t have to be a struggle and you can set yourself up to start enjoying parenting today.  It’s not without hard work, commitment and love.  The most important things to achieve successful parenting.  With all three of these things in tact you will notice a huge change in you, your kids, and your family environment.

Today I am going to tell you that you are no longer the boss!  Your job in parenting is to guide with firmness and consistency in a positive manner and not take charge and grab the bulls by the horn in a over-powering negative battle.  From now on you will work with your children to set up schedules and routines that work for everyone.  Take in consideration the opinions and thoughts of your kids and help come up with reasonable CHARTS (printed routines) that set your kids up for success.  No longer are you the boss, but the chart is.  The chart says what you need to do and you only have to re-direct them to the chart so they are reminded what is expected of them.  By doing this you are creating consistent routines and schedules.  You are helping them build their independence and gain responsibility.  Helping them feel a strong self-worth and pride.  Making your home one that feels positive and full of compliments and throwing the nagging out the window.

To give this a try sit down all together and start with one routine.  For example morning routine to get out of the house for school or bedtime routines.  Make a chart that they can hang in their room as a constant reminder.  Make the chart age appropriate in which it will guide them towards success and not frustrate them.  There are many extensions and behavioural tips that can go along with training your kids to succeed in a world where you no longer have to be the boss.  For more help or one on one coaching please contact me and start today!!!  It will change your life and your kids lives!

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