make time for you know who….YOU!!!

this is often easier said than done!  trust me i know this first hand!  i have a husband who is always at work, family who doesn’t live here or who are not in the city very often, and therefore, it is I who pretty much does the majority of the grunt work with the kids!!  don’t get me wrong, i truly love my mommy job and i feel so fortunate that i get to spend my days with my sweet boys, but sometimes i feel i need just a little time for me.  i don’t mean a short afternoon out of the house or a quick pedicure, but rather some real adult mommy time.  in theory, somewhere a plane can take me, with sun, reading, relaxing and of course some shopping!  the reality is i am booked to do just this in the very near future….yikes and yay all at once!!  i haven’t been away at night from the boys for 2 years and because i am the one who normally does everything i am finding it a bit nerve wracking and hard to simply…let go!  two words that i could practice a little bit more:) 

i know in my heart of hearts that doing this ‘grown up’ get away is so good for not just me, but for hudson and beckett as well.  of course hudson will fully understand that i am going and am coming back. he will be sad and the tears at the goodbye will be heartbreaking.  becks on the other hand…being just 9 months, will simply just be wondering where that nice lady went who is always around.  he’s probably thinking to himself, “hey, that one lady wasn’t so bad…where is she??” this makes me sad as well, but once again i keep telling myself this is good!  good for me and good for them!  it will be good for them to know that things can be done a bit different and it doesn’t always have to be mommy doing everything.  i remind myself, that as long as they are alive and well when i get home that’s all that matters!  who cares what goes on as long as they are breathing when i arrive back home! 

so, as my departure date approaches i keep mentally preparing myself as best i can for the goodbye.  on the other hand i can see, way back in the depths of my mind, hidden behind all my mommy guilt…the sun, lounge chairs, my sister and our yummy umbrella drinks poolside!  aaahhh…that sounds nice!! 🙂 

so the bitter sweet of going away is what it is.  but, i know i will come home, totally refreshed and with a knew appreciation for how lucky and blessed i truly am to have my 2 boys.  them, along with my husband, are the best things that ever happened to me.  so i guess i better take care of me, so i can continue to take care of them the best way i can.  i know i will do an even better job with this after i do what’s is equally important…take care of ME!!!

all of you mommies need to remember to take care of YOU!!!  you all deserve it!!!

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