Mommy Secrets’ Quick and Dirties to Parenting

To all you mommies out there I’m sure this list will resonate with you in some way.  At one point in time someone has judged your parenting or made you feel bad about choices you’ve made.  If you’re like me then there have been days where you feel as though you are in a constant sweat.  Days when you feel as though your schlep includes the lugging and hauling of all the little beasts you are in charge of, along with groceries, coats, hats, mitts and basically anything and everything besides any of the stuff you need!  Lets hope you at least have a tampon in tow when Mother Nature calls! It’s 50-50 that you actually will! 

 Parenting is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its challenges!  Through my parenting journey I have come up with the quick and dirties that keep me sane and get me up each morning and to sleep all night!

 ·      Never let someone else’s judgments get under your skin!  Do what works for you and your family and not what you think will please someone else!

·    Do your best each and every day!  You only get one chance to parent and you don’t want to look back with regrets!

·     Don’t be afraid to let someone help! On days when you are in that pure sweat and wishing you were an octopus with 8 arms, because 2 clearly isn’t enough – take the help! You’re not a hero or a better mom because you can carry all the groceries, diaper bag and kids alone! Say yes to the offered help and walk out to the car with your head held high, smiling because you aren’t sweating!

    ·   Take time for yourself: manicure, pedicure, exercise and white wine lunch with friends!  Whatever makes you happy!  For me, there’s nothing better than kids sound asleep at 6pm and hearing the sound of the wine cork….’pop!’

·      Love, love, love and love some more as each day with our kids/family is the best gift we’ve ever been given!  How lucky we all are to be moms!

just some tidbits that help make life as a parent just a little bit easier!  well, at least for me!  until next time..

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