night 2 of sleep training for 10 week hudson

hi again!  it’s been a busy past few days sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to my story!  i’m sure you all know how it is with kiddos….it’s monday and before you know it the weekend has come and gone and it’s monday again!

anyhow back to my story of little hudson who had just cried himself to sleep after 2 1/2 hours. brutal to say the least!  the next day i had so much anxiety about the upcoming bedtime worrying about whether or not we would have a repeat of the night before.  i did my normal routine, bath, swaddle, feed, and i forgot to mention that i would read “good night moon” each and every night during the feed so that hudson would have one more que that bedtime was approaching.  after all this i put him in his bed drowsy, but awake and he immediately began to scream.  i walked out and hated each and every step i was taking but i knew i couldn’t turn back now as then i would have totally wasted his energy for the 2 1/2 hours he spent the night prior.  so i shut the door, went out to the living room and stared at the monitor until at the 15 minute mark the crying stopped……what??!!! i was in disbelief. could it be true?  hudson didn’t fall directly to sleep at 15 mintues, but he lay awake, scooching around his crib for over an hour before he went to sleep.  all i thought during this quiet, staring in the dark scooching marathon was that he was going to hate human contact and that i was ruining him for life.  but, if fact he went to sleep and was totally fine!  i guess for once he didn’t need me and my thoughts were that something was wrong, but in actuality, something was right!! the next night he cried 5 minutes, went to sleep and has gone to bed tearless ever since!!  now the next steps…nap training and night wakings!  until next time, stay tuned…..


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