reflections of a parent

goodbye 2012 and hello 2013!  a new year to start fresh, continue with the good and try and fix the bad!  it’s time to reflect on the past year and think about ways in which we want to try and better ourselves and how we live our lives.  sometimes reflection isn’t always the easiest thing to do as we often have to re-live times, experiences, or actions that we may not enjoy or be all that proud of.  that being said once the reflection is complete and you’ve had time to really think about those times, you are often bettered for it!  you can then move forward trying to create better actions in the new year to come. 

it’s time for us as parents to start fresh.  to think about ways to be better parents to our children. we can ask ourselves how can we continue to do the wonderful things we do and how can we change the things we look back on and feel bad about?  think about those times where we may have been a bit too hard on our little ones.  times where we know now looking back that we could have dealt with the situation(s) in a different way.  times where we maybe didn’t spend enough time with our kids or didn’t manage our time well enough to make them feel that they are our #1 priority.  whatever it may be for you, this is your time, to reflect, think, and change.  feel good about the fresh new year and the opportunity you have to try and create a better you!

for me, i often try and reflect about how i am as a parent.  i know i don’t reflect as much as i should, but when i do i realize how good it truly is.  when i read books about parenting or chat with other parents it helps me open my mind to reflection.  it reminds me how important it is.  learning about ourselves is key to bettering ourselves and therefore, bettering our parenting.  in the new year of 2013 i have lots of things i would like to do as a parent.  none of us are perfect and all of us have areas where we can improve.  after all, we are all human!  we have all lost our patience when we know we should have had more.  we have all become frustrated by the numerous, ongoing questions that our toddlers ask and how they have to know the answers immediately.  we have all let days go by without stopping to think about how truly blessed and fortunate we are to have our children.  these are a few of the things that i have been thinking about as 2012 came to an end and we woke up this morning in 2013. 

the years will continue to go by whether we decide to make changes or not.  before we know it, it will be 2014.  the time will pass, the years will float by and our kids will grow up in a blink of an eye.  take time now while it’s in the forefront to remember how our children are the best gifts we have and will ever be given.  do them the favour of trying to better yourself so that in turn you better your parenting to them!  we only get one life and one opportunity to raise our kids.  don’t let it zoom by and end up with regrets.  today is your day and 2013 is your year to be the best parent you can be! 

happy new year to you and all your families!!

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