your relationship post kids…or is there one??

people always tell you before you have kids that “your relationship will change, so you better enjoy each other now.”  or you’ll get, “you guys are never going to be able to do that again!” where there is definitely truth in both of these statements and probably some truth in all the statements you may have heard, the thing to remember is it’s only SOME truth.  yes, your relationship does change post kids, but this is to be expected.  it is no longer just you and your better half, in my case;) you now have other people you are responsible for and it’s no longer just each other.  although things will change it doesn’t have to be for the worse.  you can still do things as a couple, enjoy one another, have time alone without the kiddos and still feel rested enough to actually have fun while doing them!

those of you who have kids that are good sleepers probably have experienced these times together; dinners in the evenings at hime alone, going out for date nights, or spending time with friends.  those of you who are drooling over these statements may need to work on getting those kids to bed and staying there all night!

when you create strong and consistent sleeping routines for naps and bedtime you won’t have the battles that you often hear parents talking about.  kids love routine because it helps them to be in control of their world.  they know what to expect and therefore they don’t have anxiety.  when children expereince anxiety it is often lashed out in a tantrum of some sort. this of course, is totally exaggerated at bedtime due to the fact that they are exhausted after a long day. 

another rule of thumb….don’t have your kids sleep in your bed!!  how in the hell are you going to have any couple time, if you know what i mean, with kids in your bed!!  remember, without a strong relationship between you and are partner, there is no strong family bond.  your kids have to come after your relationship in some respect. 

so, has it been ages since you’ve had time alone with your better half? do you have kids sleeping in your bed? are you up all night with babies or toddlers?

if you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, it doesn’t have to be this way!!  there are solutions to these problems and soon you too can spend quality time alone!  if you need advice it’s out there and not too far away!!





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