awake with the stars

are you awake with the stars?  if you are i feel your pain! it is dreadful..nothing worse!  when your toddler wakes too early and expects you to get up with them, it literally feels like the end of the world. it’s still dark and they are jumping up and down in their crib, singing loudly, feeling as though you should be up if they are up.  unfortunately they don’t understand why it isn’t time to get up. 

does some or any of this sound familiar to you?  if so i have the perfect product to help you teach your little ones when it’s the appropriate time to call for you and get up.  teach them the difference between day and night with the visual learning clock.  The Gro Clock (click the link to read more about the product and where you can buy yours today) is a very handy sleep training tool that helps teach your toddler when it’s time to wake up in the simplest way.  in a nutshell you must remain quiet and try to sleep until you see the sun!  while the stars are out it is the middle of the night and everyone else in the house is still asleep!  of course you must have conversations with them about how this works.  you must be patient and know that each child is different and it make take a bit of time for them to grasp the concept.  to help you teach the concept the Gro Clock comes with a cute little story about the farm animals waking too early! 

this clock is not for infants.  it won’t help them learn to sleep or sleep train them.  it is a way for you to help your kids (toddlers and up) to understand when it’s the proper time to wake up.  help to teach them that their body needs it’s sleep to grow strong and that when the sun is up your body is ready to wake up.  this worked so well for my 2 year old and i would recommend it to anyone.  as a bonus you can set the clock for the stars to appear during their naps and the sun when the nap is over!  another great solution to little ones whom are beginning to resist their naps! this is a briliant way to help your little ones grasp some independence and personal responsibility!!

please let me know if you have any further questions regarding the Gro Clock or need more information on ways to get your little ones to stay in bed until morning!  in the meantime….goodnight stars and hello sun!

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