back to the basics

sometimes i find that when it comes to sleep training your little one you need to just go back to the basics!  there are some very important steps you must follow when helping to teach your little one to sleep properly.  i am a firm believer in choosing a sleep training method that you feel confident in and one you feel you can stick to!  if you are thinking of sleep training, have already sleep trained but need to get your little back on track due to sleep digressions, or feel you need to make some changes to your already established sleep regime than this article is for you!  there are a few points that i feel are a MUST if you are in any of the above situations.  without these pointers it is very difficult to create a concrete sleeper! 

  • CONSISTENCY!!!!  consistency with your schedule, routine, and bedtimes!  try to create a naptime and bedtime routine that is similiar to give your child sleep cues.  try to stick to the routine and sleeptimes as much as possible. 
  • CONSISTENCY!!!!  consistency with your child’s sleep environment.  sure you will travel, move or spend time at grandma’s house, etc., but the key is to remain consistent the majority of the time. especially while your in the thick of training!!
  • CONSISTENCY!!!  consistency with your sleep training method and following through with it.  going back on it from one night to the next will only cause confusion, tears and lack of success.

As you can see there is just a little bit of a common theme here;)  by you remaining consistent with your child in regards to sleep you will not only teach them to become good sleepers, but you also create a sense of security with your child.  children love schedules and routines.  by establishing these within your household you decrease anxiety and help your child know what is expected of them!  remain CONSISTENT always!  (well most of the time!) whether it’s sleep, discipline or daily routines consistency is your key to success!  you truly are going back to the basics!!! 

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