laser maze….say what?

i know you’re thinking..what the heck is a laser maze?  i’m not sure about all you parents out there, but i am always trying to come up with something fun to do with my little ones.  either with both my kiddos or something fun for hudson to do while beckett naps in the afternoon, or just because it’s an at home day and we are desperate for something fun to do!  one of my new year’s resolutions is to be more creative with the activities i do with my kids.  sure legos, building blocks, baking, arts, etc. are always great, but i want to try and do some activities that are out of the norm!  something to spice up life!

lately, i have been reading books and articles to help give me ideas to enhance my child’s IQ and keep them active, entertained, intrigued and always learning.  no need for so much screen time!  our kids watch very little TV but i think it’s important to maintain this.  one article i recently came across was about making a ‘laser maze!”  it’s very simple! all you need is yarn, tape and preferably a railing that you can tie the yarn to on one side.  if you don’t have railings in a hallway, than you can simply tape the pieces on each side of the wall.  yes, it takes some time, the yarn gets pulled down, you are constantly re-taping and you may think, argh!  but, i can assure you that your kids will have a blast!  ours loved the whole idea.  getting mommy and daddy together upstairs creating, taping, and working together to make the laser maze.  the anticipation from the kids and their pure excitement for a new activity makes it all worth-while.  once the maze is up the kids have to go under, over, crawl, climb, etc. to get through the maze without knocking down the yarn.  if your kids are older the goal would be to not touch the laser (yarn) at all!  it gets their minds working, encourages problem solving, helps teach them more about where there bodies are in space, and gives them exercise all at the same time! 

we had such a great time with this activity.  we took videos of the boys and they loved watching themselves back!  they came up with new ways to get through the maze and they were smiling the whole time!  i love seeing my boys so happy and it’s times like this that make you realize how much they rely on you as their parents to make their lives a fantastic experience.  give them your time and give parenting your best effort!  they are counting on you and you will have more fun parenting if you think outside the box and play with your kids!  turn that TV off!!  they will love this activity and i think you will too!!!


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