boredom equals bad behaviour

summer is vacation is either here for your kids or quickly approaching!  now the question for parents is…what am i going to do with them all summer long?  i find myself asking this same question, but also being excited to have my little man home from nursery school to spend some good quality time together.  hudson is so much fun to have around.  like his teacher said in his report card, “morning chats are like tea time with a best friend!”  she is exactly right in her description and i couldn’t agree more.  therefore, i want to keep hudson busy enough this summer, while still allowing relaxation and time to just hang!  we all need a break from the routine and business.  time just to do sporadic activities, play with friends, and hang with the family. 

the critical point here is balance.  like i mentioned in a previous post, “running around like a chicken with your head cut off,” you don’t want to over-schedule your children, but you want to give them enough stimulation and experiences at the same time.  when children become bored, they often act out in a naughty or negative manner.  they are doing anything they can think of to get some attention.  i guess we can’t blame them and they are using whatever tools they have to get what they want…resourceful little suckers!!  i try and have some weeks over the summer where we are simply home.  having play dates, zoo trips, swimming, playing out back and so forth.  there are so many things you can do with your kids.  it does take time, energy, planning and being a bit resourcful.  so, start getting organized today!!  i also choose a couple small 1/2 day camps that i know will interest hudson along, with a camp he visits each year for the month of august.  this gives him 6-7 weeks being at home for the most part and then 4 weeks at a structured all day camp. 

summer is supposed to be fun!  something for your kids and you to look forward to!  if you plan out the weeks to create a balance for you and your kids you should meet the needs of everyone.  this way you arent’ dreading summer with a bored, acting out child, but rather loving every second you have to spend with your kids and still enjoying some alone time while they enjoy camps and friends!  balance, balance, balance is they key to everything in life, summer vacation included!! 

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