explanations needed!!

lets face the facts…when someone tells you ‘no,’ you want to know why?  when someone says ‘stop doing something,’ you want to know why?  when someone is upset with you, you want to know why?  we all look for some type of explanation when something occurs whether good or bad.  we like to know the facts and so do your kids.  babies and children are humans.  yes they are little, but they are still humans.  just like you and i. they are capable of understanding your explanations and we owe it to them to try and explain each situation and scenario that occurs to them. 

whether you are having a conversation with your child or trying to discipline them, i find it very important to explain to them as much as you can.  use a broad range of vocabulary when chatting with them about everything throughout the day.  give them the opportunity to grasp new words by letting them experience them. don’t be afraid to use words you think may be too advanced for them.  you will be amazed when all of sudden your little one blurts out a 4 syllable word and in the right context!  when it comes to disciplining and explaining to them why they were in a time-out or why you were upset i find it very important to sit down with them.  get down to their level.  chat with them about what they did, why it wasn’t good behaviour and what they need to do better for next time. use words and phrases you know they will understand.  you want to make your point and therefore speak in an age appropriate manner depending on the age of your baby/child.  they deserve the right to know exactly why they upset you.  don’t just put them in a time-out, snap at them, or worse ignore them if they have done something you disapprove of.  give them the respect they deserve as a human being and take the time to follow up and explain to them! 

next time your little one(s) step out of line or cross a boundary, do the respectful thing….show them you care by taking the time to discipline them appropriately and explain to them why afterwards!  don’t ignore them!  do your job and parent them!!!

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