early bedtime = happy babies and kids

people often think i am completely nuts when i tell them what time my kids go to bed.  hudson, my almost 3 year old, will occasionally nap and if so he goes to bed a bit later, but still fairly early in the eyes of most.  for example last night, both kids were in a bed and asleep in a matter of minutes by 5:45pm!!  this is a little bit of heaven for me since my husband works late.  this gives me some time to myself!! something we don’t often get when you are spending your time raising little ones.  on a day when hudson has a nap he will be in bed and lights out by 6:30 and asleep no later than 7pm. 

i find that if your child is fussy in the evening than they are over tired.  try putting them to bed sooner, before the fussiness begins.  this goes for infants and toddlers.  people always ask….”don’t they wake up in the night?”  “don’t they wake up super early?”  the answers to these questions are NO they don’t wake up in the night and NO they don’t wake up super early!!  in our household anything past 6am is a great wake-up time as my husband leaves early for work and comes home late.  if they weren’t up somewhat early than he would never see them.  so for us this is a perfect scenario.  hudson wakes usually around 6/6:30 and beckett (6 months) wakes around 7/7:30.  that means beckett sleeps from 5:30 pm to 7:00 am without waking and without feeding!! 

both boys wake happy, spend their days happy and go to bed happy!  if you have a fussy baby/child try giving them an earlier bedtime and be sure they get their naps if they are still napping!  a well-rested baby/child is a happy one!!


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  1. nice work tia! that sounds ideal. i have a question. and i don't have kids but i'm just curious, do you find that people just assume that for whatever reason your kids just popped out being good sleepers? i guess i'm jumping to conclusions as well, did you make that schedule a reality or are the kids just naturally good sleepers?

  2. hi betsy!
    everyone assumes this! i hear it all the time. people say "you just got the good ones" or "you're just lucky" or "my kids just aren't good sleepers, never have been." the comments go on and on. the same went when i was a teacher. other teachers telling me that i always got the good kids year after year. not the case. in september they were not good. they had to be trained. just as babies need to be trained and taught how to sleep. there are many steps and a process i follow to create a good sleeper. it can be done. when you do have kids i would be happy to help. also i would love to help anyone you know who has issues, questions, problems, etc. regarding sleep or behaviour management! i have contact page on my blog where i can be reached through email, tia.mommysecrets@gmail.com
    thanks for commenting!

  3. To be honest that's what I thought. You just got lucky with good kid's who sleep great and are happy and I was super jealous. Having your children's doctor tell you as the mother that you look like crap and need to get some sleep I was embarrassed!!!! However with your advice and help I have for the last 2 day's both kid's in bed by 5:45pm and they have slept through the night waking up at 6 for a diaper change and then sleeping until about 7:30-8 am. It has been amazing!!! Thank you so much Tia!!!!

  4. that's amazing news crystal!! i am thrilled that i was able to help you. please let me know if you have any other questions. happy sleeping!!

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